14 August 2012

Nathan's Letter - Aug 13, 2012

Hey guys!!

So I had an AWESOME week. On Wednesday we had our mission president accompany us the entire day. He got there bright and early at 6:45 in the morning. We went running with him, us four missionaries in the apartment, and the two assistants. It was awesome! Then, we got ready and studied and went to the chapel. There we had four hours of meetings, including a leadership capacitation (training), and an overall capacitation that my companion and I directed. We were able to acquire a computer and a projector for our meetings, so they were legit. Then, we all went to lunch (7 of us) and went out to work. We had an awesome day. We taught a lot of people, and it was just really fun to see how these people felt the Spirit so strong when we were with them. I think I had never worked as hard in my mission before. We were talking to everybody and handing out Books of Mormon and teaching people on the buses and taxis. Sweet :)

Well, we also had a meeting with the stake president and talked about the missionary work in the stake. We had to go in President´s car and he drives... well like an argentine. Really fast! 

We are really working hard here to find more people to teach. We have found a lot of promising people this week, and hopefully we can help them to start to progress. We are also going to have a baptism this weekend; Gabriel is getting baptized this Sunday. 

My companion and I have decided to go running every morning. It will be sweet because we can go running on the beach. This is a good goal; I hope we wake up to do it!

Tomorrow we are going to Viña for a conference with Elder Viñas, a member of the first quorum of the seventy, who is the president of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay (maybe). So, it should be way fun!

Yesterday we had a sweet experience. We had the very first family home evening of a family who recently got baptized. We talked about the importance of a testimony and what it is. Then, we all gave a short testimony about Jesus Christ. The Spirit was really, really strong, we could feel that what we were saying is true. Then, the hermana who was a little nervous about giving a testimony went last. She shared her feelings about Jesus Christ and said that she knew that He lives. She started to cry as she felt the power of her testimony of Jesus Christ. I felt in that moment that He really does exist, and that He lived and died for us. Isn`t that amazing? Everybody can know it. We just need to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true. 
That is my cool moment of the week.

Well, I certainly do love you guys!

Un abrazo,

Elder Hales

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