02 July 2012

Nathan's Letter Dated 7-2-12

Hey, so my new companion Elder Rodriguez is really awesome, and is from Mexico City. We are both getting better together, and we are actually going to have a lot of success here. We live alone, just the two of us. It is good because I can get a lot more done, and my Spanish has improved a lot! I was called as a district leader this change, and it has been awesome. I teach district class every week, and I also taught the zone class my first week as district leader. Haha I was pretty nervous, but it went pretty well. I meet with the zone leaders every week, and I have to do interchanges with the missionaries in my district almost every week. My district is actually doing really well, and we are looking to get a lot of baptisms in the next two months. I also have the responsibility of getting the numbers twice a week and delivering them to the zone leaders. I taught in zone conference about teaching simply, and I used examples from Preach my Gospel and the monthly letters from President Gillespie.
I know my mom is glad to hear that we have been running in the morning and hiking up and down hills all day. My legs are getting a lot more used to the wear and tear, so it really isn´t that hard during the day, and its always cold and rainy outside, so I don´t sweat too much. My mamita is a member, and is actually going to be called as a missionary here in the stake to work in Family History. She does all of our laundry. (We are also going to form a choir.) She doesn´t live with us, so we do all the cleaning ourselves. I actually spent like all week cleaning last week because the pension was terrible. So, I am getting a lot of practice cleaning, and my companion is getting spoiled! Haha just kidding, he helps as well.

So this week we had a LOT of rain. I have to walk around with my umbrella all week, and I had to repair my shoes with shoe goo. But, in this rainy week we have seen a lot of miracles. When I got here there were not a lot of people investigating the church. So, we have been doing everything possible to find new investigators. We have been very, very blessed to find some great investigators. We had three of them in church this Sunday, and we have three committed to be baptized this month. Soledad is the best investigator in the world. She is living with a less-active member from Santiago, and they are going to get married the 20th and she will be baptized on the 21st! They are golden, and so we are going to work super hard to make sure that everything goes well. But, if I have ever seen somebody ready for baptism, it is her.

Elizabeth has been an investigator for like three years now. The missionaries have tried everything to get her to come to church, but she never went. Well, this Sunday she came to church with us. She is super excited and has a goal to be baptized on the 29th of July with her son. Pray for them!

We also had two experiences this week where we were looking for an investigator in the rain and they weren´t there. So, we decided to say a prayer and both times we found new investigators who are excited to have us come back. It is really easy to get down on ourselves here because of the hills and the rain, and the fact that neither of us knows the area very well, but the Lord has blessed us immensely. This week was the first week that I used my umbrella, and my brother had written a cool scripture on the inside of the umbrella. That really made my day, thanks bro!

Pray for us, and keep the faith!

Elder Hales

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