09 June 2012

Nathan's Letter 6-4-12


Hey guys, happy Monday! So we have had another really, really busy week here in La Serena. We are working on several projects in the ward, and we have had some awesome activities. We had an activity for the ward last Friday night that was called, "Minute to Win It!!!  We divided the ward into three groups and we played all the fun games from the game show "Minute to Win It". Some of the games were harder than others and it turned into "twenty minutes to win it" hahaha. But it was way fun and I will send some pictures next week from the activity. We probably had sixty or seventy people attending, so it was super fun. 

We also spent a lot of time on Sunday teaching classes of piano, music, and directing a choir. We probably spent around three hours teaching, practicing, and rehearsing with our faithful but slightly tone-deaf members. The good news is that there was PROGRESS! We are doing to songs for the ward conference in two weeks and we even have a cello player helping us out. I am training about ten members to play the piano and it has been super fun teaching them. 

We also have another sweet activity planned in two weeks that is called "The Trip to Hawaii!" which should be sweet.

We have put a pretty big focus on finding new investigators and sharing the Book of Mormon with as many people as possible. We have found most of our success in a little town about ten miles away that is called Las Rojas. There we have several progressing investigators that include an awesome young guy that is 17 years old and wants to be a missionary. I will keep ya’ll updated on the details. All that and more from the busy life of Elder Hales!

Un abrazo!!


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