13 May 2011

What up guys,

Hey, so this week was great!  I talked with my family on skype for mother`s day!  It was great,  I finally got to see how my new house looks, I got to talk to nathan for the first time in a year, and we even took a family picture together on skype!  haha!  So, apart from that, we are finding a lot of new investigators through the recent converts and the part member families.  And, some old investigators, Benjamin and Deisy, showed up to church and they want to get married and get baptized!  Also, while we were teaching Benjamin and Deisy in their house, their nephew showed up with his mom and we found out that they were also a part member family.  Alexis, the 11 year old nephew, was never baptized but his mom is a less active.  He accepted a baptismal date for the 21st of May.  Yeah baby!  The Lord is blessing us!  The part member families and the recent converts is where its at.
The Parada family is on fire man.  Juana did some visits with us this week (Daiana, the 8 year old girl, even came to one with us to one visit).  And, Carla, the 15 year old girl, brought her boyfriend to church!

This week in San Fernando, we have another training meeting.  As always, it should be awesome.  

So, I thought I`d give you an update on our buddy Moises.  He`s doing great, except that his situation was a little bit stickier than we thought.  He`s going to have to get a divorce from a previous wife to be able to get married....sigh...that usually takes a while.  But we are still teaching him on a regular basis and he gives us asado once a week!  Haha, but that`s not why we are still teaching him on a regular basis!  He`s progressing a lot.

Ana Maria Chamorro, who is going to get baptized this saturday, has to quit smoking this week.  Pray for her, she`s gonna do it!  And, her son, Claudio, is most likely going to make it to the waters of baptism as well.

Alicia is another investigator who is the sister of the relief society president.  She just moved here from Paraguay.  She has a lot of doubts, but is still progessing.  She`s agreed to read and pray about the book of mormon, which she never wanted to do before.

Okay, I have a funny story.  Yesterday we ran into a drunk guy named Juan.  He was on the chubbier side and had long hair.  When he saw us in his conventillo knocking on his neighbor`s door he came out to talk to us (like many drunk people like to do).  But, he starting telling us that he had seen Henry Eyring and that he just tells lies to everybody!  Haha! I have no idea where he saw or heard him before, he was too drunk to explain it.  But, I guess more people have heard of the gospel than we think.

Well, I love you guys I hope you are doing great!  I know that this work is true.  The spirit has testified to me very clearly and distinctly, every day of my mission, that it is true.  It is more engrained in me know than anything else I`ll ever learn or see or know.  Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who saw God the Father and Jesus Christ.  The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day saints is the true church, with a perfect organization, upon the earth today.  

And, I testify that Argentina is the coolest country in the world.  HAHA!  Nah, just kidding, that`s not really part of my testimony.  But, it is probably up there with the coolest.

Un abrazo para todos,

Elder Justin Hales

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