18 May 2011

Hey guys,

Well, JANO GOT BAPTIZED!  Wahoo baby!  He was very prepared and it was
an awesome baptism.  We combined with another ward, constituciĆ²n, so
there were a lot of people there to support him.  Ana Maria wasn`t
baptized because she wasn`t able to quit smoking yet.  She`ll get
there!  But, her son Claudio, who never had an interest in the church,
is starting to come to church and we have hope that Claudio can get
baptized with her mom!

Ok, so the training conference in San Fernando this week was AWESOME!!
 President Gulbrandsen taught some pretty deep doctrine about
"knowing" christ.  And, he really emphasized the work with the recent
converts.  Right now in the mission, we are focusing on finding new
investigators through, teaching with, and teaching the recent
converts.  ITS THE KEY!  Even in our area, we are finding and teaching
a ton of people because of it, too many to name!

This sunday, early before church, we are going to have a meeting with
all the missionaries, all the bishops, all the ward mission leaders,
and the stake presidency in the stake.  And....Yao Shau Lin is coming!
 We are going to make plans to teach and baptize a ton of the chinese
immigrants here in Buenos Aires.  And Lin is the pioneer!  It`s gonna
be great.

Well, I thought I`d share with you guys some quotes that my mission
president sent me this week:

Elder Neil L. Andersen

Have you ever thought about why you were sent to earth at this
specific time? You were not born during the time of Adam and Eve or
while pharaohs ruled Egypt or during the Ming dynasty. You have come
to earth at this time, 20 centuries after the first coming of Christ.
The priesthood of God has been restored to the earth, and the Lord has
set His hand to prepare the world for His glorious return. These are
days of great opportunity and important responsibilities. These are
your days.

The Lord declared in this dispensation, “Ye are called to bring to
pass the gathering of mine elect.”  My young brethren, your mission is
a great opportunity and responsibility, important to this promised
gathering and linked to your eternal destiny.

You and I will . . . thank the Lord that He sent us to earth at this
time to fulfill our sacred duty of helping prepare the world for His

Elder Russell M. Nelson

You have been reserved in heaven for your specific time and place to
be born, to grow and become His standard bearers and covenant people.
As you walk in the Lord’s path of righteousness, you will be blessed
to continue in His goodness and be a light and a savior unto His

The First Presidency

“You are [a] choice [spirit] who [has] come forth in this day when the
responsibilities and opportunities . . . are the greatest. …

“We pray for each of you … [that] you can do the great work that lies
before you … of building the kingdom of God and preparing the world
for the Second Coming of the Savior.”

Love you guys,

Elder Justin Hales

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