30 May 2011


Bueno, this week was awesome!  We worked a ton and, even though Ana Maria didn`t make it to her baptism, we are going to do everything possible so that she makes it.  We also had a cool experience with a young man named Yefri (Jeffrey in gringo talk).  Yefri is an old investigator who is sixteen and has a bunch of friends in the church.  He had stopped going to church for a year, but has come back.  And, he saw a baptism on sunday of another ward and LOVED it.  After the baptism, he commited to be baptized this saturday, yeah baby.  Yefri and his family have a tourist store on caminito and Yefri knows like all the gangsters in La Boca.  We`re going to help him invite all of èm to the baptism! 

We are also teaching a man named Pablo, who is the future wife of a member. (note from Elder Hales' mom - I think he means "husband") Pablo never had any kind of religious belief, but he`s been reading the book of mormon, praying, and he`s receiving his testimony.  He`s commited to be baptized the 11th of June.  That same day a reference from a recent convert named Laura and her daughter victoria will also be baptized.

Ok so the funniest thing happend today.  We went to Florida street so that Elder Tapia could buy a new suit and, on the way, we took a bus.  As soon as I got on the bus, I heard a shout, "Hey Elders, how are you!"  I turned around and there were two blonds sitting on the bus, talking to us in English!  They were from Salt Lake and they were here in Buenos Aires for the weekend touring!  Haha, we talked for like 10 minutes in english (that was weird) and I felt really akward because the whole bus was watching!  But, their names are Bryn Arnell and something else Arnell, in case somebody who reads this knows them.  Anyway, it was kinda nice to talk to some gringos. 

Well, I`ve got 2 weeks left, but they are going to be two of the hardest working weeks I`m gonna have on the mission!  There are still a lot of people to save and families to baptize!  VAMOS!  I love you guys a ton and can`t wait to see ya.

Un abrazo fuerte,

Elder Justin Hales

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