11 April 2011

Eternal Impact of a Mission

Well, this week the Parada family (I thought it was paredes in the last letter, but its actually parada.  Gringo mistake.) is doing awesome!  They worked a lot this week, so we weren`t able to teach them like we wanted, but today we have a lesson planned with them with the relief society president, which should be great.   Really, the participation of the members is key.  If they can meet, be friends with, and trust in the members, the whole conversion process is way, way easier.  So, that`s what we`re going to do!  Plus, we have yet to find and teach all their family members that live in the same conventillo.
Moises (that's Moses in Spanish) is still being his stubborn self, but he`s progressing towards a baptism pronto.  We`re planning on having helping his son (who could baptize him) express his feeling for his dad and help him just take that last step of faith.  Moses may have parted the red sea, but Moises is scared of the water!  HAHA!!  (Man, my jokes are getting L-AAAAME)
Well, today we played some good old argentine soccer in the church with some of the other elders, then had some delicious empanadas.  The weather is starting to cool off and pretty soon we`ll be pretty chilly here in Buenos Aires.
This week we had to also go pay all the rents in the zone and it took forever!  But, we actually found a Subway on the way and stopped in for lunch!  Man, it has been almost two years since I`ve tasted a Subway Club!  It was actually pretty legit!
The Mansilla family has also been really busy, but we`ve just got to get the members involved more.  Agustin, the dad, is starting to soften up and now the next step will be marriage!  I love teaching that lesson!  Their two girls, celeste and Shirly, are like the coolest, sweetest girls ever!  I can already see them in white!
Ok, so, I`ve really been reflecting on the eternal nature of my calling.  What I do here means so much more than the planning, the training, the learning, the fun I have, etc.  These families are going to forever be changed, their eternal destinies are on the line!  Man, when I think about it like that, it makes everything worthwhile.  The extra push I may have to make, the extra phone call, the extra member to help out a family, all the extra stuff has eternal significance.  If I don`t help these people get baptized and make it to the temple to be sealed as an eternal family, nobody will!  Gulp...haha just kidding.  I don`t put a lot of pressure on myself.  All I do is work hard with the Lord and love every single minute of it. 
I love you guys, and I`m loving my mission.  I hope it never ends!  Share the gospel!
Elder Hales

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