04 April 2011


Ok guys, we saw a huge miracle this week.  I was on divisions with my buddy Elder Vitullo from Mar Del Plata Argentina, and we got a phone call from the mission offices with an urgent reference.  We passed by and found a complete family ready to be baptized!  They went to their parent´s wedding and baptism in Formosa, Argentina and LOVED IT!  then, while they were there for a whole month, went to church and already have a testimony of the book of mormon.  They are already married (which is pretty rare here), and they came to general conference!  And, they live in a passageway with a bunch of other houses all around and almost everybody who lives next to them are family members!  VAMOS!  We´ve been praying for men and big families these past weeks in every prayer and the Lord literally handed us one wrapped in gold paper!  They accepted a baptismal date for this weekend. Pray for the Paredes family!

Moises also came to general conference.  He loved it!  He´s progressing very, very well and we hope to see him get baptized this saturday as well.  Prayers on his behalf would be awesome.  He´s still very hesitant seeing that he just starting coming back to church, but with inspired questions +  the spirit we´re going to see a miracle.  I know his heart will change.

General Conference was way, way sweet.  We got to watch it in english and live, which was a blessing.  Man, I´m glad I´m still on my mission or those marriage talks would have been a direct hit at me!  This conference I did something different.  Instead of taking notes on every talk,  I just took my Preach my Gospel and wrote down quotes in the different chapters, depending on what it talked about.  I noticed that a lot of my notes were written in the chapter on listening to and following the spirit.  I guess I need to do that better!

Today we went to eat at California Burrito (a south american copy of Chipotle) and we totally met the owner.  I don´t think he´s that famous, but he gave us each a free extreme nacho, which was pretty cool.

Anyway, I love you guys and hope you are doing great!  

Elder Hales

P.S. Last night Boca had a home game and everybody came out of the stadium like right as we were walking by and we almost died!  Haha, well it wasn´t that bad, but just imagine a ton of fired up, drunk, south americans leaving a soccer stadium.  HA!

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