16 November 2010


Well this week was full of surprises, but its kept things interesting ha!  The Lord always has plans, and sometimes those plans aren't what we expect.  But, today we had a change in our area and I`m now with a new elder from Rosario, Argentina.  His name is Elder Gòmez.  In fact, he`s so new, he hasn't even gone to the MTC yet!  He came this morning on a bus without a plaque, but with a huge testimony.  He`s been called to serve in Mesa, Arizona English speaking (he only knows a little so we`ll be practicing), but he`s an awesome Elder.  He hasn`t been able to get his visa for over 9 months!  So, we don`t know how long he`ll be here with us.  President Gulbrandsen and Sister Gulbrandsen took us out to eat to TGI Fridays (prob the only one here in Buenos Aires) and man, that was sweeeeeet.  Then we went to the apartment and President taught us some way good stuff about discerning between thoughts of Satan and thoughts of the spirit.  Man, our mission president is full of counsel that is always exactly what we need.  Good, good stuff.

Well, here in Versalles we`re doing great.  The Pascual family hasn`t been doing that great, but, then again, with all the changes we haven`t been able to really help them as fully as we need to.  But now its game time and we`re going to push to get Eduardo married and baptized and get em in the temple in a year.  We are also going to be teaching Carlos and his family.  Actually, there are like 3 families that live with him and probably 8-10 potential converts within his house.

I don`t know how it was in English, but this month`s Liahona was about the temples.  I`m becoming more and more converted to the temples and the Lord is opening my eyes to the work we are doing.  When I see the investigators, members, and even people on the street, I see them in white.  I love them so much.  The blessings that they can have for being sealed as a family are innumerable.  Ultimately, that is my whole purpose in life right now, to make sure that as many people as possible have those eternal blessings. 

And, I hope you feel that way too.  Think about all the blessings your family has for being an eternal family.  And, if your family isn`t eternal yet, make it one!  Now is the time!  SO MUCH HAPPINESS awaits you and your family.  Share that with everybody you know!  Be like the Lamanites in Helaman 6 that went out and preached how they were converted.  Seriously, this mission is amazing, I love it!  The standard of truth has been erected and no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. 

I`m praying for you and feel your prayers.  Have a great week!

Elder J. Hales

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