16 November 2010

Well, this is kinda crazy but...I`m back in Parque Chacabuco!  Haha, it was the biggest surprise of my mission.  I thought for sure I`d be with Elder Gòmez a few more weeks.  But, Versalles 1 and 2 got consolidated into just Versalles and Elder Gòmez and I got shipped out!  I`ll be the district leader in Parque Chacabuco 2, because now there are two areas (I knew that was going to happen a year ago) and my companion is Elder Clarke, an awesome guy from Riverton, Utah.  So, in our apartment, which is the same that I lived in a year ago, there are 6 missionaries!  My whole district!  Actually, there is one elder who is going home tomorrow, so there`ll actually be 7 together in the same apartment...its kinda crazy.  But, its not too cramped...yet.  haha.  But I`m super, super excited.  Seriously, I already know the members, the streets, the old investigators.  I always said I wished I could start my mission over with what I now know...and now I can!  Haha, its going to be awesome.  I already have as one of my goals to get the Yovera family (if you remember them...scroll up the blog like one year haha) to the temple. They are still active and I can`t wait to go see them. 
So, I`ll tell ya a little bit about my week with Elder Gòmez, which was miraculously amazing.  He didn`t even need the MTC, nor a trainer.  We went to town and worked super hard.  I`ll list a few of the miracles we saw:
  • We found a young man who is about to get married who already had a book of mormon.  After the first lesson, he was already excited about proposing to his fiancè again - this time for all eternity haha!
  • We met a really old man who completely just broke down in the middle of the street because his wife was about to die.  We taught him a quick lesson and my companion even hugged him.  My love for him was seriously the most Christlike I've ever felt.
  • We prayed for a specific place to find investigators.  We were prompted to go to a specific street where just one single contact lived.  We went to that street, and passed by a young man standing in his door.  We taught him and gave him a book of mormon.  He committed to be baptized when God tells him it is true.  He then gave us three references, all living on the same street, one of them being a pastor of a baptist church!
Anyway, there were a lot more, but I just can`t list them all right now.  God is a god of miracles, we`ve just got to believe and act. 
If you are having a doubt, if its too hard, if you honestly have no idea what to do, get on your knees and pray like everything depends on God.  Then, get up off your knees, walk out the door, and act like everything depends on you.  YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES.  Believe me, because I just lived it for three months in Versalles.  God and His Son, Jesucristo, live.  They speak through a living prophet today.  The Book of Mormon is evidence that every human being can hold in his hand, read, and understand.  As His representative, I testify that these things are true.
I love you all and thank you for your prayers.  I pray for you as well.  I am loving, loving my mission.  Its awesome.
Have a great week and eat lots of turkey for me.  I can`t remember if Thanksgiving is this week or not, but it should be coming up.  Man, a pumpkin pie would be delicious.  Chau,
Elder Hales

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