03 November 2010


Man, what an awesome week!  So, first of all, I have to tell you about a miracle.  My companion and I decided to start praying in every prayer to find a complete family that we could teach and baptize.  Well, three days after starting that, we went to a contact`s home.  He happened to be sick.  But, after the man at the door told us that, we decided to talk to him as well.  I introduced myself and stuck my hand out to shake his.  But, he couldn`t fit his hand through the little window in the door (resulting in kind of an akward finger touch...haha).  So, he opened the door to shake our hands.  That, as my companion very inspiredly noted, was the beginning of the miracle.  He opened the door, shook our hands, and we politely pulled him outside haha.  Anyway, we started talking and he told us all about his life.  His name is Carlos and he has a wife and 5 kids.  When he was little, his father, who was a preacher, abandoned him and his family.  So, from that point on he never believed in God.  Then, he moved from Misiones, Argentina to Buenos Aires and found a Korean baptist church, which really pulled him up out of that rut.  He read the whole Bible and really beleived in God.  But, he said he had an empty space in his heart that the church and the Bible just couldn`t fill.  So, poca a poco, he distanced himself from God, and supposedly sinned a lot.  Well, when he told us this he said, "I`m looking for the way to fill that empty space.  In fact, I was just thinking today how I need to find out how to do that."  Uhhhhh....HERE WE ARE!!!  Haha it obviously wasn`t a coincidence.  So, the next day we went to his house to teach him.  He lives at the end of a long outdoor hallway.  It was about 8:00 pm when we stopped by and so we sat down outside his house.  However, his wife had left to go shopping and had taken the key, so we couldn`t go inside.  But, we sat outside and, under the light of a single lightbulb above his door, sitting in little triangle, taught him.  This man is amazing.  We taught him the doctrine of christ and he ate it up.  We read about Alma and how he overcame a tormented soul (alma 36, you should read it) and he seriously took it all in so well.  Without even saying the word first, he told us he wanted to be baptized to fill that space in his heart.  He (and tonight his whole family) has a baptismal date for the 21 of november.  Honestly, it was one of the most insipired lessons I`ve ever had.  After, as we were leaving, his wife and 3 friends who live nextdoor in the same hallway came back!  They were all super excited and Carlos said, "Hey, these are the guys I told you about!  When are they going to teach you too?" The excitedly told us we could pass by tonight.  Anyway, it was a miracle, our prayers were directly answered right in our faces.  I love it! 

Besides that, we are doing good.  An Elder from the Neoquin, Argentina mission came up to buenos aires to see the doctor and is staying with us until wednesday.  Kinda crazy, but super fun.  Anyway, I love you guys so much!  Go on a mission, it changes lives!

Elder Hales

P.S. Christmas is right around the corner...hint...hint... 

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