02 April 2010

New Cell Phones, Zone Conference and Guillermo

So, this week in the office was super busy. All the cell phones of the missionaries in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay are changing its company this week, so that means we are too. And, guess who´s in charge of cell phones? Elder Hales. Haha so yeah that took a lot of time and we´re still in the process, but its turning out good. We´ve also been working on getting 6 new apartments so I´ve been on the phone and travleing, working out problems like crazy. I know, it sounds kind of boring, but that's whats been going down in the coolest mission offices in the world.
Ok so on Tuesday we had a zone conference about the Book of Mormon. We talked about how it really answers all the questions of the soul that people have. We also talked about the Atonement and how if we study and experience the Atonement, we have more desires to share it with others. We also realize that baptism is the only way to let people have access to the Atonement. President Argyle, as always, inspired us and we left feeling pretty pumped. In our interview, President Argyle did something way cool. He told me that he and his family wanted more than anything to live with me and my family forever. So, he made me promise that I would read the Book of Mormon faithfully for the rest of my life. It was way cool.
That evening we had a lesson with Guillermo in the church, right next to the bapitsmal font. At the beginning of the lesson, we showed him the list of "Preguntas del Alma" (questions of the soul) that we got in our conference. These questions are the questions that everybody has that are answered in the BOM (they´re in chap 4 of Preach My Gospel). Anyway, we showed him this list and asked him which he worried about the most. He said he wanted to know what his purpose in life was. We just happened to be planning on teaching him the plan of salvation that night. So, with Alma 9 y 40, we taught the plan of salvation, probably the best we´ve ever done. The spirit was there the whole time and he was riveted. He understood everything so clearly. Then Elder Kroff (he comes and teaches with us sometimes), who hadn´t said anything the whole lesson, taught about the resurreccion and the celestial kingdom. He´s seriously our secret weapon. He´s one of the best teachers I´ve ever seen. Then, Guillermo kneeled down and prayed. We had extended the invitation to be baptized April 10th before, so he asked God if he should do it. The answer was pretty clear.
Besides Guillermo, this week was kinda tough. Sometimes its hard being in a trio because you have to cut down what you say a lot. But we´re still going strong.
Thanks for your prayers and letters and packages.

Con cariño sincero,

Elder Hales

P.S. I learned a sweet Argentine word that´s kind of old-timey but awesome. "macanudo" - sweet (as in, sweet dude)

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