21 March 2010

Baptism and ugly ties

Ugly tie contest

Elder Peterson, Elder Coria, Elder Kroff, Mercedes, and Elder Hales


So this week was great. On Saturday we had Mercedes´ baptism and it was perfect for her. It was just what she needed. It was filled with sisters from the Relief Society that even sang together (uhhhh...latinos are a little tone deaf). And the three of us sang too. Then, Elder Kroff baptized Mercedes! She was so excited for him to baptize her. When she came up out of the water, she was crying. It was great. She seems so much happier now. Just another blessing of getting baptized.
So I´ve forgotten to tell you guys, but I´ve been driving a little here. Its seriously like a video game, but you get into a groove and its really not that bad. Just forget about all the formalities (like stopping at intersections) that exists in American driving, and you´ll fit right in with the Argentines. I haven't gone on the freeway or downtown yet because we have to share a car with the prez and he uses it a lot. haha. But I´ll for sure do it when I get the chance.
Hey, so this week we found an 18 year old kid named Sabastian. I don´t know if I already told you about him, but he´s the coolest kid ever. I´m serious. When we passed him in a neighborhood, he said "hi elders". Of course, when we hear that phrase, we know he was either a member or an old investigator. We found out he was an old investigator. Right when I first started talking to him I knew he was capo. So we stopped and chatted a little bit. He came to Mercedes´ baptism (a little late, but its the effort that counts right?) and we had a little lesson. The next day we challenged him to be baptized and he shouted "yeah!", literally almost jumping out of his seat. The three of us just kind of sat there, mouths hanging open, trying to understand what had just happened. Since then he´s been super excited, he´s invited a ton of people to come to his baptism, and he´s been committed to everything. Yesterday he couldn´t make it to the lesson and so he asked us if we could have a double lesson to make up for what he missed. Haha nobody ever asks that. He´s going to get baptized next Saturday.
Well, as you can see from the pictures, we´ve started having unofficial competitions in our district meetings for the ugliest ties. There is a store right next to our house that sells used ties - 3 for $5 pesos. So, our companionship went like this, but we were beaten by the other elders in Virreyes. But I found one tie that surpasses all ugliniess this world has seen. Maybe I´ll send a pic.
Hey, I love you guys and hope everybody is doing well. The church is true. It really is.
Take care.

Elder Hales

Go cougs.

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