03 December 2009

You've got mail!

I'm so glad Justin got so many letters and packages this week because his birthday is this week! Thank you to everyone who has been so thoughtful! I know he appreciates it.

Whats up homies,

So this week was good, we had a baptism on Sunday. Her name is Maria and she´s the mother in law of Tomas who was baptized when I first arrived. It was awesome, I got to baptize her, and she soaked everything up (including the water haha get it?) and the movie at the end was great. It was Finding Faith in Christ and she was riveted the whole time!
I also ate Serviche for the first time this week. Serviche is raw fish cooked only by lemon juice. It was actually pretty good.
Ok and the crazy thing is is that I saw Rosa again! Haha I was on divisions with Elder Johnson in Parque Patricios and she honked at us as she was driving by. So we stopped to talk to her and I met her husband and family, who are all way cool. And the funny thing is (she pointed this out) I was with Elder Johnson, who has the same name as the Elder Johnson that was with my grandpa when he baptized Rosa! Haha kinda crazy huh. Yep, it was a true blue miracle.
Also, I got packages and letters this week, it was AWESOME! Peanut butter from the Faggards, a present that I still haven´t opened and am not going to open until Christmas Day from the Hansens, two packages from my fam, and a package from my g'ma Lockhart. Also, Deidre, you are awesome. Thanks for the letter. Also, thanks Hunt family and man, everybody else who sent me stuff. Anyway, write me and tell me how you´re doing if you haven´t yet.
Bueno, gotta go. But talk to ya´ll lata and I´m prayin for ya.

Elder Hales

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