21 October 2009

Big Dogs, Weird Trees, and Good Food


Well, its getting hot here. There is humidity, but nowhere close to NC humidity. There´s no Halloween here. I was thinking about being a Mormon missionary for my costume, but, oh well, I´ll have to wait. Haha are my jokes getting more and more lame?
Mother´s Day was on Sunday here, so I guess that made up for something…happy Mother´s Day Mom!
So there are these dogs here called dogos I think. I´ve heard they are illegal in the states. I don´t know much about dogs, but this thing is as big as a horse. And I guess they can be really dangerous. You should google it. Almost everyday I pass one on the street and almost pee my pants. But I´ve survived so far. There are also these weird trees with giant thorns growing all over them and when its fruit buds it looks like giant cotton balls. It’s the weirdest thing I think i´ve ever seen. Google that too.
So I dunno if i've told you this but a couple times a week we get free food from members. They live and work in the villa and make a Peruvian food called arroz chaufa. Its heaven! It seriously is way better than any fast food restaurant in the states. I´m gonna start my own business and sell arroz chaufa. And dulce de leche.
So we found out that Elder Bednar is coming here in November. Yeah we´re pretty popular. I´m excited; I´ll let you know more details when I find out. I also met an Elder Heaps who is from Cary, NC. He´s a cool guy, maybe you guys know him? Also, the mission president came and studied with me and my comp this week and went and worked with the other two elders that live in the same apartment as me.
Well, i'm doing good, we are teaching more people this week. Hopefully we´ll have 3 baptisms the 31 of october and 2 the 7th of November. The lord is really blessing us. And I'm not just saying that. I see everyday actual, tangible, evidence of real miracles from the Lord.
But anyway, hasta la semana proxima.

Elder Hales

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