14 October 2009

Bad Asado

Como les va,

So this week was good, we taught a lot and found a lot. Those are my two second favorite things to do right now. The first of course is to watch a baptism. But yeah, today I went to the temple here in B.A. and did a session in Spanish. It was pretty awesome; I´m not gonna lie. I actually understood and learned a lot. This week I taught my companion two very American things that I hope he always remembers. The first is punch buggy. So yeah, he ate that up. Any excuse to punch me and he´ll take it, haha. The second is ebonics, which if you´re not familiar with, is the official language of gangstas. And it sounds even cooler in Spanish, haha. Que pasizzle my amigizzle. ¿Tiene hambreezie? Yeah.

Also, I got letters and packages this week! I can´t give a shout out to everybody, but Megan Bricker, my "older sister", sent me a letter (and asked for a shout out), Will Draper and the Wilder family sent me packages, and the package from my family didn´t arrive. If you sent me something like a month ago, I prob got it. Any later than that and I´ll get it in 6 weeks.

So this week I also had some crazy experiences. So I had my first asado, which is just huge hunks of meet thrown on to a grill over charcoal. Words cannot describe, the tongue cannot taste, how delicious this meat is. Ah man, the chicken, the beef, the fat....mmmm....it was SO GOOD! And I stuffed myself full. Well, after that tantalizing experience, my life dropped like a rock. I got super sick! Lets just say I was sitting down more than I was standing up...he...he...but that only lasted for 24 hours. Then yesterday, I was in the villa and I smelled asado (over the poo and garbage). Then I remembered my asado and how delicious it was. I almost forgot how sick I got after. Then I realized how much sin was in the villa, and I had pure revelation. Satan works exactly like bad asado. He tantalizes you into eating something that, before and at the time, tastes SO GOOD. But he hides the true nature of sin. And then he can make you forget the consequences just like that even after you´ve experienced them. So really, I hope that you all remember my bad asado and remember how Satan works and don´t forget how sick you get when you eat bad asado, no matter how good it smells or tastes. Haha you like that? I´m actually learning something.

Also, read 3 Nephi 14 24-27. What is sand? Brocken rocks. When we build upon brocken principles, even if they are parts of the truth, we´ll fall. An example of this is 3 nephi 18 13.

Well, gotta run. Ciao

Still eating empanadas,
Elder Hales

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