23 September 2009

Justin's Letter 9-23-09. Miracles!!

Whats up,

So this week was the beginning of spring. Monday was "spring day," which is exactly like Valentines day in the states. Also, we had a mission-wide conference, which was way cool. We heard two general authorities speak, as well as some stake presidents in our mission. Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis and a counselor in the Area Presidency spoke, and they were hilarious! I learned a lot. Well, this week we have to baptize 52 people throughout the mission. Down to the wire haha! But we´re going to do it for sure. In our area, we´re going to baptize Ricardo, the brother-in-law of Tomas Yovera, and hopefully a girl named Noemi. Tomas got the priesthood, so he can baptize Ricardo! Way cool.

Here is the miracle that happened with Ricardo, as told in Justin's letter to the mission president (and as translated by Justin's dad!!):

This week we had a miracle! Before our weekly planning meeting we had no idea who would be ready for baptism. Just as we began our fast, and began to plan, we had a pure revelation from heaven! We knew exactly what we needed to do to help 3 people get baptized. So first we had an appointment with Ricardo who had been to church a couple of times. We had planned to teach him lesson 2 and the law of chastity. When we arrived, he immediately said, "I love this book (referring to the Book of Mormon) and especially this chapter (Jacob 3)." We were blown away!
We taught him from that chapter and he and his partner agreed with everything. When we were teaching lesson 2 he interrupted us and announced, "I want to get baptized!" Then, we set a baptismal date for the 26th of September, this Saturday. It was sweet!
Also, there is a young woman that's been coming to church for six months that we are starting to work with. Today we are going to set a baptismal date and resolve all her doubts. I KNOW that the Lord has the power to open Noemi's heart! I can't wait to see a miracle this week!

Elder Hales

Well, I gotta go. Thanks for the support. By the way, we've had way weird weather here. One day it will be sunny, and the next rainy and super cold. But I think it will start warming up soon. Anyway, talk to ya later!

Elder Hales

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