06 August 2009

Here are excerpts from a letter that Justin wrote to his family


Como Estan? Ahorita estoy en la oficina de cirugia una otra vez. Mis cartas mehoves han escrito aqui!

Well, I'm feeling great! I have had only a little pain which was crushed by 1 percocet! Right now I'm getting a new bandage and having my stitches checked.

O.K., so I guess after I woke up I was LOCO! I don't remember doing most of this stuff, but the things I do remember doing, I thought they were perfectly normal at the time. hahaha
I guess I just went crazy. I was singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" at the top of my lungs, calling my comps garbage words, testifying/singing in Spanish, and somewhere in there I talked to Mom and the girls on the phone. My comp took a video and it is hilarious! I was trying to drink from a straw and couldn't get it in my mouth, so I yelled at Elder Hatton. Immediately after I started giggling then just fell asleep mid-giggle. My companions gave me a Spanish word to remember before the surgery (ciego = blind) and I remembered it while I was all drugged up. I guess the whole time I was talking like a southern gangsta ( I guess I still have my southern accent. haha) Anyway, we all had some good laughs afterwards.

It sounds like Youth Conference was way fun! I met a sister here from Wilmington who said that she heard good things about Youth Conference too. Also, thank you so much Erika/Lauren and Elizabeth for those cookies! I was very surprised to get them and they were de-lic-ious!
Well, I love you all tons and I miss you. I'll write you next week.

Su hijo/hermano

p.s. My shuttle driver looked and talked EXACTLY like Toby from "The Office". Just thought you should know.

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