06 August 2009

Here's another letter to the fam

Hey guys!

I love you so much! You really took good care of me this week with letters and stuff. Anyway, thanks. Sorry we didn't get to talk mom. I'll try my hardest to call you at the airport. I heard Will called, so I'm thinking I will be able to as well. It might have to be from LAX, but just be by the phone all day. Which phone should I call??

My surgery went good, all I have now is a tiny, 1 inch incision that doesn't hurt at all. Dad, I wish you're surgery could have been like this! Erika and Lauren, I sent you a letter today so you'll get it in a couple of days!

Haha did you like my leg hair? My friend convinced me it helped your legs to be cooler and not stink as much, so I had some fun in the process hahaha. It was actually a lighting bolt. But anyway, I won't be showing my legs for two years anyway, so I don't really care lol. I like both of those captions for my walking on the wall picture, they're both hilarious haha. Mom, sorry you lost your dearelder, I still loved the one you sent me. Hey, is lauren having surgery????? I didn't hear anything about this? Is it about her ears? Let me know on that one. Ok so you should check out this thing called a Bionic band. Its sooooo tight. My friend got one and it seriously works. Its crazy!

Btw, I saw Connor, he was so excited to be here! He's way cool. We got a picture, which will be on our the next batch. I'm going to need to get a backpack or something at some point. Should I wait until I get to BA? I would love some pictures of you guys, maybe you could mail me hard copies or put some on the camera card that I could look at on my camera and then delete them. Thanks! I love you so much! Tell the Brocks thanks for the package! Thanks for the 10 commandments of health mom, my district loved them and put them up on our chalkboard haha! Brian Rea wrote me, it was way cool to hear from him.


Elder Hales

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