16 June 2009

Justin's Letter 6-16-09

Hola everybody!

Man, this week has been crazy! Wednesday I got dropped off on the curb to a grumpy old lady telling me to hurry up. I went inside the MTC and got my room assignment, name tags, and all that stuff. The rest of the day was just orientation and things like that. Over the next few days I met my teachers and district. There are some pretty cool guys with me in my district. My companion, Elder Diaz, went home after one day because his dad is terminally ill with cancer. It was very sad for the whole district and we are all praying for him and his family. Your prayers would be appreciated as well. So anyway, I am now in a trio with two other Elders. They are good guys.

So now, I'm pretty much on a consistent schedule. Here's what a typical day consists of: Wake up at 6:30 am. Go to class for an hour. Eat breakfast (aka cannon center food). Go to class for 4 hours. Eat lunch. Go to an hour of gym time. Shower and then have 3 hours of missionary directed time (pretty much the same thing as class). Eat dinner. Class/fireside/devotional after dinner. Go home and get ready for bed. Sleep at 10:30.

It's pretty rigorous, and they really stress obedience here. Thanks for sending me letters and packages, its good stuff. Also, thanks for updating me on sports and other random things. Dearelder.com works and I get the letter the next day, so keep that up for sure.

The spanish is coming along really good! We are encouraged to speak it in class, in the dorms, etc. and I'm getting a lot better. I'm also learning/practicing how to teach the first lesson, but in english. Halfway through my time in the MTC, we switch and have to teach everything in spanish!

Its crazy how much my prayers have increased in quality and quantity. I'm starting to feel closer to my Heavenly Father and I have my testimony reaffirmed everyday. There is a spirit here that I haven't felt anywhere else before. I'm doing good, keep praying for me and sending me letters!

Elder Hales

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