16 April 2013

Nathan's Letter Dated April 15, 2013

Hey guys,

How´s it going? So I know everybody was on the edge of their seats for the big news this week, but I STAYED!! whooooo. La Serena will become the city where I spent almost half of my mission. Hey so this week was so full of miracles, I wish I had two hours to tell them to you all! So one of the biggest miracles of this week was finding a brand new family yesterday. We contacted a family who had come from the north of the country to La Serena about two weeks ago. They are an exceptional family. Linor is from Venezuela, and Abel is Chilean. They are happily married and have a daughter who is three. We taught them yesterday for the first time, and when we got to their door they said, "the hermanos got here, we have been waiting for you!" Apparently, they shared with missionaries the week that they were moving, and they were waiting for other missionaries to get to their house. Well, I will for sure be talking about them more, but they are just the best!

Okay so this week we went down to Viña del Mar again and it was really fun trip. One of the new big changes is that missionaries are now allowed to write friends, family, and converts in the mission. Unfortunately, I don´t have the emails of many of the people who were baptized, but I am excited for all of the missionaries in the world.

I studied the priesthood today, and I really liked what it said in True to the Faith. "Priesthood is the eternal power and authority of God". That power God chooses to give to worthy males to act in His name for the salvation of His children. How incredible it is to see that power in action!

Love you guys,

Elder Hales

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