27 February 2012

Nathan's Letter 2-27-12

Hello. Hello. One two three one two three!!!

Haha this is what all of my Chilean buddies say to me in the street. They are just trying to show me how much they know.  Well, this week has been fantastic. All exept, the ANTS!! Chile has more ants than any other place in the world. They don´t bite and they are tiny, but they LOVE to eat my food and climb all over my clothes. I will have to invent some sort of ant killer out of the clorox that we have in the bathroom. If any of you guys have any ideas, let me know :D

So, this week we had an awesome capacitacion (training) with Pres. Gillespie and his wife. We learned a lot about how to be a ¨Preach my Gospel Missionary¨. There are five different aspects:

1) Understanding who we represent (Jesus Christ)
2) Being worthy to serve
3) Treasuring the words of Eternal Life
4) Listening, discerning, and then teaching.
5) One more that slips the mind... ooops!

It was really awesome, and we did a lot of practices to help us improve our teaching. I ended up playing the piano on the spot (again), and I didn´t have any trouble!

So today we decided to climb the biggest mountain around. Yep that is the sort of things we like to do with our free time. So 20 missionaries walked to the biggest mountain and climbed it. We read our patriarchal blessings at the top and reflected on our life and what we can do better. It was a great experience to be all the way up there and think about all the blessings that God has given me in my life. I cannot think of a person more blessed than me. It was an incredible experience because I really was able to feel personally the love that God has for me and for every single person here in La Serena. It gave me more animo to go and serve.

Well, we decided to try and go down a different way, and for that we ended up getting lost in the middle of the Chilean desert without much water. I got super burned, and we ended up walking an extra four or five miles AFTER climbing the mountain. Well, that was my day, now I have to go home and get ready to work!

Jesus Christ lives, and I am His representative.

Elder Hales

Keep the Faith

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