02 July 2011

The Journey Home

I’m home!  After two years of serving in Argentina, it finally came to an end.  It was an insane trip back home, so I’ll try to sum it up for you.
We were supposed to leave Buenos Aires late at night on the 13th of June, arriving in the states the next day.  However, the week before we left, a volcano erupted in southern Chile.  Although it was far away, the ash cloud settled over Buenos Aires, canceling all flights in and out of the country!  There was a light dusting of ash all over the city and the sun was actually fogged over a little bit with the ash.  But, we were out of luck.  So, after waiting about a day for the airport to open, we were told that we were going to go to Santiago, Chile…BY BUS!  So we loaded up and drove 22 hours across the country and the andes mountains, in the middle of winter, to Chile.  We only stopped once to eat.  They gave us half of a cook chicken and a chopped potato.  It was pretty typical of Argentina haha.  But, at least I wasn’t in a chicken bus like a lot of people thought!
Then, in Santiago, we hooked up with  a missionary’s parents (who tried flying into Buenos Aires but were diverted at the last minute because of the ash) who took us to a super nice hotel to take showers, eat, and rest.  Then, from there, I flew to Miami and then to North Carolina.  Our story even made Church News!  Check it out: http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/61074/Home-at-last-2-Volcano-delays-return-of-missionaries.html#

It honestly was a way sweet trip and I actually prefer it to just going straight home!  Hopefully one day I can go back and visit those awesome countries again, but meanwhile, Nathan will be doing work in Chile, right where I left off!
I also just wanted to thank you guys so much for checking out this blog, for your prayers, for your letters, especially for your packages with candy and maple syrup, and for your support.  It made all the difference!  My mission was life-changing, and it was possible because of you guys! 
Also, before you delete this site from your favorites list, keep tuned!  Nathan is going to write on this same blog, and his mission is going to be AWESOME! 

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