26 April 2011

¿Y, que te pasa, eh?

How`s it going?  Man, this week has been crazy.  But, yesterday we saw an answer to our prayers!  Every day, in every prayer, we ask God to help us find men who can go on missions and complete families to be able to teach, baptize, and send to the temple.  Its something that Elder Arnold has been asking of all the missionaries.  Well, on sunday we got to church and a 16 year old boy named Lucas Diarte came up and told us he can finally get baptized!!!! YEAH BABY!!! He`s been going to church for 2.5 years, but his parents never gave him permission (his situation was pretty similar to Kevin`s in Parque Chacabuco).  And, now, after bearing his testimony to his parents, they`ve let him get baptized!  He`ll get baptized on saturday at 7:00 pm. 

The parada family is progressing, but the dad Nestor works so much that its been hard to teach them.  But, we had a great lesson with them in the church and Juana, the mom, already told us she wants to continue going to church for the rest of her life and that she wants us to pass by even more than we are!  She`s super excited.  And, one of Juana`s daughters, Carla, moved here from Formosa, making them a family of 4!  Man, when we teach them, I realize how much we are blessed.  I can already see the changes starting to happen in their lives.  It`s tangible!  I have a feeling that I have no idea of the eternal impact that is occuring in their lives.  All I know is that I have to do everything in my power to help them get baptized and continue strong in the straight and narrow path.  And, I love em so much and man, this mission makes me so happy!

Anyway, Moises had some complications with his baptism...he`s not married.  Here in argentina, its pretty common for people to just form a family without making it official.  Even after we had asked him if he was married and where he got married, we didn`t understand that he hadn`t made it official.  So, that`ll push the baptism back about a month until they can get hitched.

Tomorrow we have a zone conference planned.  Elder Southern and I were assigned to teach about Hope and "No effort is wasted."  So, we`re going to do a sweet object lesson with the trust fall!  Haha, I`ve never tried something like this while teaching, so we`ll see how it goes.  But, it won`t top the time President made us play hide and seek throughout the whole church building to teach us about finding investigators! HAHA!  Bye the way, president and sister gulbrandsen are way, way cool.  Man, I`ve learned soooooo much from them, its insane.

Well, today we`re going to kick around the soccer ball and eat some mickey d`s.  Its right around the corner from our apartment.  Well, I hope you guys have a great week.  Have fun picking up all the debris from the tornados!  Man, that`s a bummer, seriously.


Elder Justin Hales

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