26 April 2011

Dear fans,

This week we had the baptism of the Parada family and a young man named Lucas.  Lucas had been going to church for 2.5 years, but his parents finally let him get baptized, which was a miracle!  Juana Parada, Daiana Parada, and Lucas Diarte were baptized on saturday, and then Carla Parada was baptized on Sunday.

The Parada family was a reference from Formosa.  Honestly, we saw the amazing influence members can have in a key lesson with them on monday.  We "coordinated" a lesson with the Parada family and a member family who we had felt would make a difference in the lesson (after praying with the members`s list at hand).  The lesson was spectacular.  After asking some inspired questions, the members bore their testimonies and the spirit was very strong.  There were even tears as the Parada family accepted a baptismal date.

After we left the lesson, the member family, without any kind of commitment by us, told us that they wanted to help this family, not only make it to baptism and the temple, but for their rest of their lives.  In that moment, they took charge of the complete friendshipping of the Parada family.

Well, with the help of the Arias family (the members), the Parada family made it to baptism.  Brother Arias was able to baptize Juana Parada and sister Arias helped her change her clothes.  The 8 year old Arias girl helped Daiana, the 8 year old investigator, read the hymn in her baptism.  The young women all came and supported Carla, the 15-year old investigator and made instant friends.  I honestly have never felt so much joy from being excluded so much!  When the members take the investigators under their wings like that, the missionary work is so much more fulfilling and meaningful!  And, it is so much easier!  I love it!  Tonight we have a family home evening with the same member family and the Parada family, all organized by them.

On sunday, I was able to confirm Juana, which was way cool.  And, Lucas received the priesthood.

Apart from that miracle, we still have several people to baptize in the weeks that are coming.  I feel like La Boca is exploding, and its just the beginning!  Vamos!

After the baptism on Sunday, we went and ate dinner with one of the coolest families I`ve ever met on my mission: The Centurion family.  They are new to the ward, but excellent members.  Bro centurion is a newspaper reporter for La Boca soccer team.  They have two twins serving the mission right now and they come home the same time I do.  Haha it was so funny because they told me that they give the missionaries food because they hope that somebody does the same for their sons.  And, i was thinking, haha my family does the same thing!  Anyway, it was a great weekend for sure.

Honestly, I`m finally working with the members the way I`ve always wanted to my whole mission.  It`s the best formula for success!  And, if we keep it up, I know we`ll be blessed.

Well, love you guys!  Share the gospel! 

Con mucho amor desde lo profundo de mi corazon,


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