14 March 2011

Hey, that picture looks familiar
Florida Street

Elder Davis and Elder Hales on P-day


So this week was awesome!  I came back to La Boca, but Elder Tapia got plantar fascitis and has to rest in the offices!  So we did a switch!  The sweet part was, however, that I got to do divisions with Elder Davis, a buddy of mine who is the assistant.  We`ve had a ton of success this week.  We found a bunch of incomplete families and we actually have 3 baptisms planned for this week.

First of all, Matias is a 11 year old kid that is way, way smart and way ready to get baptized.  He hasn`t been able to get baptized before because his dad wanted to be in the baptism, but he hasn`t seen his dad for like 6 months.  So, we talked to the mom and she decided that since the dad doesn`t want to be a huge part of his life, that Matias could just get baptized right now!  So, he`ll be baptized this saturday.

Then, just last week, bishop Quispe told us about an incomplete family in the which the parents just got married.  So we passed by and met the whole Carrillo family.  Angelica, the mom, and carolina, the daughter were both inactive members.  Carlos, the dad, is super catholic and, for now, isn`t interested in being baptized...for now...but their son Lucas is 10 and is way excited about being baptized.  So, we`re planning his baptism for this saturday as well.  I love this family to death, they are all so, so awesome!

And, finally, our last baptism for this weekend is Azul, the sister of a recent convert.  She`s only 8, but he family is neighbors with a really active family who takes her and her brother to church every sunday.  We`re also teaching her parents, who are going to get married soon and be baptized.

We have other investigators, but I don`t have time to write about all of them.  I`ll fill ya in next week.

Today Elder Davis and I went to Caminito and Florida street to see some sights and buy some souvenirs.  It was way fun.  We ate in California Burrito, and it was pretty legit.  We`re having a blast working together and, honestly, we`re having a lot of success too.  We don`t know how long we`ll be comps, but probably this week at least.

Well, I love you guys, have a great week!  The church is true!


Elder Hales

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