21 March 2011

Eh, ¿que hacès pa?

Well, this past week was AWESOME.  I did another week of divisions with my buddy Elder Davis and we had two baptisms.  The first was Azul (yes, her name is Blue), who is the younger sister of a recent convert.  She`s 8 years old, but she looks like she`s 6!  Anyway, her parents have to get married to be baptized, but azul didn`t want to wait!  She`s been coming to church for a couple months with her brother and an active family right next door (the stigliano family), so she was baptized!

Also, Mathias was baptized as well.  Mathias has been going to church for a couple of years now with his family.  His mom has been inactive and his dad hasn`t seen him in like 6 months.  At first, his dad was opposed to his baptism, but then, miraculously, the missionaries found him where he was living far from here and taught him.  So, he said Mathias could be baptized!  So, he finally got baptized this saturday!  His uncle Nestor baptized him and it was way cool.  Mathias shared his testimony about how he had waited for almost 4 years for this day and even got emotional.

Then, yesterday the two of them were confirmed.  Mathias asked me to confirm him and, I was super nervous, but it was way cool.  He turns twelve this wednesday and will be confirmed a deacon on sunday.

Argentina is really starting to rub off on me.  I really feel at home here.  We did some service sanding a cement wall on saturday with mathias`s family before the baptism and I realized that I would never sand a cement wall with sandpaper in the states like I did here.  But, I loved it!  Then, we had giant milanesa sandwhiches.  It was great.

Well, we`re teaching a lot of people right now.  The Lord is blessing us with families and men, which will help establish the church here.  One family we are teaching is an incomplete family called the mansilla family.  I don`t know if i already told you about them but Charo is a member from Peru who has been inactive for 20 years.  One day we entered into her conventillo and helped a super old lady down the stairs.  Afterward, we asked her if there was anyone she knew we could teach.  She told us her daughter.  So, we visited her daughter and found out she lived right next door to an old investigator`s house and she had never talked to the missionaries when they would walk by because she was too embarassed!  We met her whole family and she has a husband and three girls: Shirly, Celeste, and one more that I don`t remember her name.  Her husband`s name is Agustìn.  Anyway, they are an awesome, awesome family.  We`re going to do some big time teaching and fellowshipping this week to get em all converted and baptized.  I love it!

So, this week was transfers.  Every single area had transfers!  I stayed in La Boca and am now in a trio.  I`m with Elder Tapia, who is still in the offices resting his injured foot, and Elder Southern, who is with me working.  We give Elder Tapia things to do by phone and then he usually emails us lists, etc.  by email.  It actually works out pretty good!

Well, i love you guys a ton and hope byu is dominating in the NCAA tournament.  I can`t watch it, but I`m sure we`re gonna win hahaha!  Keep the faith.

Elder J. Hales

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