07 February 2011


Well, guys, I`m writing you right now from the area "La Boca", from Buenos Aires!!! HAHAHAA!!  Can you believe it?!! I got transfered...again...haha.  But, I`m in a great area!  I`m back in the congreso zone,in the same zone as Parque Chacabuco!  We found out the transfers late last night and I had just time to pack up my bags before I caught a red eye back to buenos aires this morning with an Elder and sister from my zone (without sleeping...).  And, today I met up with my new companion, Elder Tapia.  He was actually my zone leader when I was in Parque Chacabuco last time.  Anyway, we`ll be the two ZL in congreso.

So yeah, it was really, really hard leaving Rio Gallegos.  I thought I was for sure going to finish my mission there.  And, I haven`t said anything to president about wanting to be in a certain area or anything.  I just guess the Lord has other plans for me!  I was meant to be in the downtown!  But, I honestly love it.  The Boca is an awesome area, one of the coveted areas of the mission.  And, my companion is great.  He`s from Bariloche, Argentina, a famous tourist city in the southern part of Argentina.  He`s almost got a year and a half in the mission and is a great worker and teacher.  So yeah, even though I left one of the most awesome cities in the world (without getting to see the penguins!), I`ve just got to roll with the flow and continue here.  

Well, in Rio Gallegos, we saw some miracles.  Several members just came up and told us that they had a lot of trust in us and that they were going to start talking a lot more about the gospel with their friends.  We also put two baptismal dates for this saturday with Miguel and Nicolas, the two friends from Bahìa Blanca.  They are very prepared and will for sure have a great baptism.  Carlos Peralta continues to grow very rapidly in the gospel and has rooted very deeply in the reading of the Book of Mormon.  His testimony is very powerful.

In our weekly planning, Elder Wright and I made a giant chart with all the days of the week and all the part-member families in the branch and other investigators.  We then kneeled down and asked for specific direction for each family.  Then, we put plans for a member to call, visit, sit with in church, teach with us, etc. for every day of the week, for every investigator.  Then, we distributed the "calender", commiting the members to do their part.  With the flood of attention the investigators are going to get, we are sure that they will all get to the church.

Well, I`ve got some cool stuff to tell ya.  First of all, the husband of the president of Argentina (who just died reciently) grew up in Rio Gallegos, smack dab in the middle of our area.  And, he went to church once with some of the members here.  Pretty cool, eh?  I would have liked to have a lesson with him haha.

Also, here in the Boca, we can see the Boca stadium as we walk out of our apartment.  I`ll also be working in Caminito, another famous place here in Buenos Aires.  And, the ward mission leader here is the brother of the ward mission leader in Parque Chacabuco, Brother Navarro haha.

Anyway, apart from all the details and travels that I write about, honestly, if I could just tell you guys one thing, I`d tell you this.  That Jesus Christ lives. He has a resored gospel to share, and somebody`s gotta do it!  And, that`s why I`m here.  I`m not here really to sight see, or see the world.  I`m here to help people go back home to live with their loving Father.  

So, anyway, I love you guys and hope you enjoy that nice cool weather because "me metieron de vuelta en el horno de Buenos Aires!"


Elder Justin Hales

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