09 August 2010

Getting Transferred!

Hey guys!,

So this week I got a late night call from my mission president.  He told me that he had been waiting until the next transfer to transfer me but he woke up that morning with a strong impression that I needed to go right now!  So, I`m getting kicked out of the offices!  But its kind of a slow kicking out because I have to train my reemplacement.  Elder Paz is going to come back (he`s the one who trained me in the office.  So I`m retraining my trainer...kinda weird) and I`m going to reemplace him here in Villa Adelina as district leader.  Our district is awesome, I`m super excited to work with all the elders here.  And, Villa Adelina is a tiny little branch.  30 members attend every week and the area is huge!  But, I`m absolutely positive that the success is just waiting to explode here.  I`ve been forming a game plan with God and its looking like the recent converts, the incomplete families, and the less active members are going to be the key here.  My companion is going to be Elder Watson, a great guy from California.  My vision was opened so much by being  in the offices, I`m super pumped!  Anyway, the area here is a lot of little houses with gates in front and little gardens or whatever right in front of the house.  Just from doing some contacts in the street and seeing the people, they are way more open here than in capital. 

Elder Paz and I go to the offices every morning so I can train him and then he and I come back to V. Adelina to work at night.  We`ve made arrangements so Elder Peterson and Elder Watson aren`t alone.  I`m thinking that a week more and I`ll be ready to turn it all over to Elder Paz. Your prayers would be great in making it a smooth transition.

Right now there arent too many investigators here, but we do have a baptism of a boy named lucas.  He`s 12 years old and his family was inactive for several years.  Just recently they`ve been coming back to church and Lucas is getting baptized this saturday.  Its a good start to the explosion here!  I`m already loving the members and the people here in Villa Adelina.  President Gulbrandsen has been stressing love a lot and it is awesome.   It makes a huge difference in the work.

But man, I sure am going to miss the office.  I loved negotiating with apartment owners and being in Virreyes.  And the Kroffs (the senior couple who works in the office with us) took such good care of us.  I`m not saying that the office elders get spoiled but...we got spoiled haha!!!

Sorry I couldn`t send pics, my computer is a piece of trash.  All the letters are worn off the keys and there are weird lines crossing the screen.  But, just imagine me and Elder Paz and Elder Watson doing missionary work.  How was that?  Was it a good enough picture?  Haha just kidding.  I`ll try to pick a better compu next time.

Well our prep day is getting cut short because there is a baptismal interview in the area nextdoor that we have to go do (the area is Jose Leon Suarez).  But, I just love being in a new area so it doesn`t bother me. 

Well, I love you guys so much!  Time is flying by, but I`m just trying to hold on and run with it.  Lately I`ve really been trying to strengthen my testimony of the sacrament and attending church.   If I can have a super strong testimony of it, I can help my investigators do the same!  And getting them to church is one of the most important things in their conversions. 

Well, I hope to tell you more and send you pics when I can next monday.  Hasta luegito,

Elder Hales

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