17 July 2010

Crazy Week!

Hey guys,

Man, this was another crazy week.  Me and my companion (really more my companion) were up late a lot of nights driving elders around, making phone calls, etc.  Also, anything that could have gone wrong did!  Strikes in the airport, explosions in apartments, stikes against the bus system, things breaking, really cold nights, etc.  I guess that´s the payment I have to pay for being able to go bowling with the Argyles!  Haha!  Anyway, we´ve caught up pretty much on everything now and so we´re pretty happy.  But I´ve gotta tell you, there´s been some changes in the mission.  We´re now setting monthly goals instead of just weekly goals.  And, the bretheren released new lessons that help the leaders teach the other missionaries, focusing on Preach my Gospel and the scriptures.  I got a copy of the lessons and I've been studying them, they are the greatest.  It's cool to see what the apostles feel are the most important things while teaching.  The lessons really just focus on teaching with the spirit and helping the people commit to baptism by receiving their own testimony. 

Well, this week we had a few lessons with Daniel and Alicia.  We taught the word of wisdom and Daniel, surprisingly enough, has doubts about tea and coffee, not about cigarettes.  He just needs to strengthen his faith of the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and he´ll be good to go.  Alicia would probably get baptized today if she could.  We also found another family this week called the Acosta family.  They are a little bit older, but super nice.  Lucia is the wife and she just recently went blind, which has been tough for them.  Julio is her husband and they have a son named Angel who is paralyzed from the waist down.  Its a family with some major health issues, but they are super willing to improve thier lives, in spite of their health.  We also taught a super humble family yesterday.  It consist of the father, Luis, the mother, Aida, and 10 kids.  Luis and Aida are separated, but still live in the same house.  Aida and the kids live upstairs, Luis downstairs, and they don´t cross each other´s lines.  I´m serious, that´s their setup in their house.  Super loco!  I´m so blessed to not have grown up in a place like that!  But, I have a lot of faith that this family can turn around and fix up their lives. 

We´ve also started working a lot with the members.  We´ve been teaching them in their homes, inviting them to the mission correlation meetings, and we are going to work with a lot of less active members and incomplete families.  This is something that Pres. Gulbrandsen has been stressing a lot and I´m positive we´ll see more success from doing it.

We´re still working on getting some baptisms planned, these past two weeks have been so crazy that the work has slowed down a little in our area.  But now we can go charging back and start baptizing.  In fact, today we are going to teach an evangelical pastor with 12 kids.  Then, we´ll teach the congregation.  Me encanta.  Pray for us!  And send some heat down here please.

I love you guys,

Elder Hales

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