27 July 2010

Breaking & Entering

!Que pasa amigos!,

Well, this week was another crazy week.  We didn´t have any baptisms, but we found an
AMAZING family.  There are 7 people in the family, with a boyfriend who we taught as well (who doesn´t live with them and doesn´t have to get married).  I´ll tell ya how we found this family.  We got a reference from Sister Argyle like the day they left Argentina for a girl named Fernanda.  We went to the house, but Fernanda wasn´t there.  But, part of her family was, so we taught them.  Then, we passed by the next day and found their whole family!  Fernanda told me that she works in an English book store in a shopping mall nearby.  I guess the Argyles used to go in there a lot to buy books for their kids.  Anyway, according to Fernanda, Sister Argyle always talked about the church.  Then, on one of her last days here, she asked her for her address so that missionaries could teach her and her family, and she gave it to her.  Well, this family of 8 now has a baptism date for the 14 of August.  I´ll keep you guys informed on their progress.  So far, they are in love with the gospel.

We also had some other crazy stuff happen this week.  Just yesterday, I´m almost positive I did the first thing any missionary in the history of this mission has ever done, although you never know I guess.  President Gulbrandsen went to the south to meet the missionaries, so I went with an assistant to pick up an Elder who came late to the mission.  Then, President called and told us he had left something in his house that he needed us to email him.  But, we didn´t have any keys to get into the car.  So...we had to break in to the mission home.  I was designated to be the burglar.  I scaled the side of the house, got onto the roof, climbed across the top of the roof, and squeezed into a bathroom window!  Then, I walked downstairs and opened the door!  Right after that, Elder Peterson and I rushed back to the church where we had the best district meeting of my life.  Our district leader had just finished a 3-day conference with the mission president being trained on the new practices and training from the first presidency.  We practiced putting baptismal dates, resolving doubts, etc. but with a different twist.  One missionary taught while the other was an investigator.  But, the missionary had to think, feel, and respond like that investigator.  The spirit then did the teaching.  While we practiced, revelation just poured upon us, it was insane.  The investigator missionary said exactly what the investigator would really say and doubts came to his mind.  The missionary who was teaching was then prompted to respond in a certain way to help that investigator.  Then, many of us went out into our areas and saw the fruits of the practices.  Almost everything that was practiced repeated in the lesson, but they were the real doubts of a real investigator.  And the spirit guided the real lessons.  And the doubts were resolved by following what we had received in the practices.  This happened all over the mission!  It was awesome.

So my companion and I are really feeling like our visions are broadening in our branch.  Our mission president asked the two of us to pray for this vision, and we´ve been doing it.  We just keep feeling and seeing evidence that the work here is going to explode.  We know that the Lord will work miracles if we look and ask for them.  We are almost positive that the only way this branch is going to expand is by working with the members.  But, its not the old crusty members that you want to work with.  All their friends are either baptized or have already been invited.  The key is going to be the less active members and the new converts.  They have circles and circles of nonmember friends.  But, we aren´t getting rid of the active members´responsabilities.  We are planning a super-activity to help the active members share the gospel.  I´ll keep ya in the loop with that, but just know we´re praying that it will give the boost that the members need to start changing forever the way they share the gospel.

I know that this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  Without it, nobody can be saved.  With it, every single person on the earth can enjoy eternal peace and happiness.  I love the people of Argentina and because of that, I´m giving them what will make them happy.  I know that baptism by somebody who has the authority from God is a crucial step in this gospel.  I invite every single person reading this to participate in this baptism.  Whether that is being baptized for the first time or renewing that baptism through the sacrament at church, it will change your life.

Well, I´m kind of hungry, I think we´re going to eat some ñiokes right now so I´ll finish this letter up.  I´m praying for you guys and I can feel your prayers as well.  Man, the mission is so so cool.  I love you guys.

Oh, ok now we´ve changed our minds.  We´re going to hit up a pizza buffet.

Elder Hales

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