26 June 2010

Winter and Transition Time

Dearest blog readers,

Well, its gettin pretty darn cold here.  I think its only been in like the 20´s here, but it feels like I´m freezing from the inside out from the humidity.  I think its probably even colder in Utah, and I was wondering why it felt so cold here.  Then I realized in Utah I was never out walking around talking to people when it was cold and dark outside haha!  Anyway, I like it better than summer so its all good. 

So we´re getting ready for the transition this week, President Argyle and his family leave next wednesday.  Its so amazing how well of a job they are doing.  They are arranging everything so that the new president will come and the work will continue without an interruption at all!  Man, I can´t believe how much they´ve blessed my life.

In our area, we have some pretty interesting investigators right now.  The Alvaroz family is awesome.  German and Mariana are the parents and then they have sons and daughters from other marriages.  They´re not married, but we´re gonna get em hitched as soon as possible.  Their kids are named Graciela and Christian.  Graciela already has some kids and has had a pretty tough life.  She used to do drugs big time, but has reduced it down to cigarettes.  We´ve also taught their neice Johanna, who has her own family that we haven´t taught yet.  They all came to church last sunday and loved it! 

We´re also teaching a couple named Daniel and Alicia.  They aren´t married either.  Daniel used to drink A LOT.  And of course, it kept putting him out of work and made him have a very strong character.  He also smokes about 40 cigarettes a day.  But, they are eating up the gospel.  We´ve had 3 lessons with them, and Daniel has been asking great, great questions of the soul.  And, he told us yesterday he went for a run in the morning and only smoked 4 cigarettes!  We haven´t even taught them the word of wisdom yet HA!!! We atribute it purely and wholey to reading from the Book of Mormon every day and praying, which they have been doing faithfully.  I LOVE THE POWER OF THE GOSPEL!  They´ll be some great converts as well.

I´ve seen a miracle lately.  I´ve always tried to talk to people in the street when we are going from place to place in our area, but lately I´ve been having deep, desperate desires to talk to EVERYONE, even those that I´ll never be able to.  For instance, I´ll see a worker laying bricks on a building and I want to shout to him and tell him about the gospel!  So i´ve been trying to talk to as many people as possible as we go from appt to appt and if they don´t want anything, ask for references.

Anyway, I´m doing great and I love you guys!  Sigan fuerte!

Elder Hales 

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