15 May 2010

Hey guys,

Well, thanks for reading my blog. My mom makes me write every week so I hope you like it! Haha. Anyway, this week was great. But first, I have to tell you about something that happened last week that I forgot to tell you in the last letter. So my companion and I were sitting in zone conference, eating some delicious lunch when President Argyle came up to us and told us that he wanted us to stop by the office that night. So, we came by the office late at night, like 10 pm. After waiting a little president came out with a young man. President explained that he was from Tierra Del Fuego and was getting ready to go on his mission to Chile. Since Tierra del Fuego is only a district and not a stake, president argyle is their "district president" and is in charge of them just like a stake president. Anyway, president had just finished interviewing him and was going to set him apart. So, president invited us to help him set the missionary apart! I was super shocked, I didn´t even know a missionary could help set apart another missionary! But we agreed and went into president´s office. He shut the door, put his hands on the young man´s shoulders, and asked him his full name: something something Tello. (haha i don´t remember his first name, just his last name). President put his hands on his head and we followed. When president started to speak, it sounded like he was putting every ounce of his energy into the blessing. He talked slowly and gave an amazing setting-apart, i think that only a current mission president could do. The spirit was so tangible. Afterward, Elder Tello and President embraced, Elder Tello in tears (he was actually balling, but its cool because I cried when I got set apart too). As we drove back to the apartment and I saw some people in the streeet, I realized that something super super amazing had just happened like 15 feet from them in a small office at 10 at night and they had no idea. I am so blessed! It was a way, way cool experience.
Well, Elder Tello came back to the apartment with us and ate and showered. Then, a taxi came to take him to the airport at 3 am. So yeah, that´s definitely something that I´ll always remember.

So our investigators are coming along pretty strong. Lidia, after her fast, decided to get baptized!!! The only problem is she wants to do it in September! So we have some doubts to resolve. But its all good because she is super faithful (hasn´t missed a sunday in I think 2 months) and has read in the book of mormon up to Jacob!

Roberto, Eli, and Agustín are also coming along great. Roberto got some doubts put into his head by his family, but Eli and Agustín have been making him read and go to church, so I think he´ll come around pretty easily. We just need to get em hitched and they can get baptized. In fact, we are going to set a baptism date with Agustín this week so he´ll be the first to get baptized in his family. They´ve already made friends in the church, so that´s great. They told elder peterson this week that he has an ´´angel´s face!" (I´ve been teasing him about it haha)

We´re workin pretty hard this week to find new investigators. Its tough with only a few hours, but the lord´s helpin us out big time.

Also, I had some more big accomplishments in the office this week. My biggest one was I dropped a rent from $2,000 pesos a month to only $1,600 a month in just one phonecall!

And, Roman got baptized! It was a great service. There were only three members there apart from the family, but they are a big family so it was great! Brother Vega used his priesthood for the first time and even though he forgot what to say in the font, Roman had memorized the words with his dad and whispered him along! So cool! There are two non members in this picture who came to support. Roman´s confirmation is tomorrow. Honestly, the family has changed a ton and they are super dedicated at living the gospel now. I´ll be staying in contact for them forever. (mom, dad, a present for them would be great. Maybe something nice from deseret book or something. They got a hymn book with their name on it from another elder and LOVED IT. Anyway, just a thought, if it doesn´t work out its all good).

Love you guys!

Elder Hales

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