08 May 2010

Hey guys,

Man, so this week flew by!  I honestly was trying to remember what happened this week, and it was really hard.  But then I thought of what happened, so I´ll let ya know.

So this week we´ve been teaching Lidia, the young lady from Peru.  She´s way, way awesome.  She prays and reads the Book of Mormon every day, we´ve even read and prayed with her several times, and her friends who are members in San Fernando help her out as well.  Well, she kept telling us that she wasn´t ready to be baptized, that she needed more answers, etc.  Anyway, it was tough.  We almost didn´t know what to do!  Then, Elder Peterson had the brilliant idea (aka inspiration) to fast with her.  So we taught her about fasting and she was a little skeptical at first.  She kept asking how many meals she REALLY had to skip.  For example, she wanted to know if she could just skip every other meal for two days, that kind of thing (I´m not going to lie, I´ve wanted to ask the same thing sometimes).  haha so we started the fast together and finished yesterday at lunch.  Last night we called her and asked her how it went.  She said the following:

  “Elders!  I fasted for 24 hours!  I thought I was going to be so hungry, but the feelings I had overpowered the hunger!  It was incredible!  I fasted to know when I should be baptized.  I have good news for you, but I want to tell you in person during our appointment tomorrow.”   
Truly, the Lord works miracles.  We are expecting good news later tonight.

Tomorrow, Roman Vega, the 9 year old boy, is going to get baptized!  He passed his interview with flying colors.  Honestly, he already knew almost everything because he goes to primary every Sunday.  The real triumph is that his dad (who got the priesthood last week) gets to baptize him.  And, Roman´s parents are starting a temple preparation class (Elder Kroff is their teacher which means its pretty much a done deal).  So overall, their family is making huge improvements.  Since we started teaching them, we´ve seen some huge improvements.  I love it!   

Anyway, we´re super pumped to talk to Lidia tonight and for Roman´s baptism tomorrow.  And my fam´s gonna be calling me tomorrow.  Its like Christmas Eve!  HAHA!

So I have some crazy stories to tell you.  First off, there is a street in my area that is probably the best named street in Argentina.  Just so you know, there are probably 10 names of streets that are used over and over in every little town in the whole country.  Except this street is called Tupac street!  Haha I laughed a little when I saw it.   note from Justin's mom:  I don't get this!  Can anyone explain what Tupac means?

Also, when we were headed on our normal route to our area (we have to take a bus every day because we don´t live in our area where we teach) we felt a huge lurch.  A poor, old man in the front fell straight on his back as he was putting coins in the machine (luckily another guy was behind him to break his fall a little bit).  We looked out the window and a car was smashed on the side of the bus!  Haha the bus had sandwiched the car between a parter in the middle of the road and the bus!!!  So, we got of the bus and walked the rest of the way.  But yeah, buses here just do what they want.

Anyway, I´m doing great here.  We had a zone conference this week, focused on the blessings of being obedient and repenting.  It was super powerful, President Argyle spoke a lot.  It´s so awesome working with him here in the office and learning how to whip the landowners into shape haha.

I love the mission guys!! You should try it sometime.  Actually, you can just start by talking to and inviting people you already know to have the joy you have.  There´s nothing embarrassing or scary about that.  (Moroni 8:16)

Like they say here in Argentina,

Portensen bien


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