24 April 2010

Transfers, a big storm and Lidia


Well, its now freezing cold here.  I´m serious, in like one week the whole city froze over.  It was gradually getting colder here then all of a sudden one night at like 7:30 pm, a huge storm hit.  There was so much continuous lighting it was almost as bright as the sun.  Then, right as we walked into an investigator´s house (hallelujah), hail, the size of golf and tennis balls, started falling.  It was hitting the roof of the house so hard, we had to almost yell in the lesson, I´m serious.  I was thinking, "oh great, the second coming´s here and this family isn´t baptized yet!"  Haha just playin.  But it is kind of true anyway.  Haha but yeah, the next day I went to buy blankets and pillows by bulk (at Wal-Mart, never thought I´d be shopping there on my mission) and all the cars had giant dents on the top!  Anyway, after that it got really cold.
So this week was transfers and in the office I had to get apartments, pillows, blankets, etc. ready for the transfers.  When I went to the mission home to meet the newbies, an Elder Lane stopped me and told me he had been reading my blog before the mission!   I wish I had read someones blog before I got out here! 
Haha, well, I guess I´m pretty much famous.  Its funny because then Elder Coria (who left the office) was paired up with elder Lane and the two of them opened up a new area.  Elder Coria is also a district leader.
Well, next week Lidia is going to get baptized.  Lidia is a friend of some of the members in San Fernando and lives just 2 streets inside our area.  So we´re teaching her and hoping for her baptism this week.  Some prayers would be great, especially so that she can make some friends in Virreyes.  She feels a little bit alone in our branch because all her friends are in the San Fernando ward and they meet at the same time as us, just a different rotation. So she sees all her friends in the hallway between hours, wants to be with her, and we have to pull her (and some of her friends) into the Virreyes meetings.  But she´s still excited and I´m hoping she can progress a lot this week.
So because I gave you an invitation last week, I have to follow up to see if you did it.  How did the study of the Atonement go?  I did it too and mine was awesome.  I learned in 1 Nephi 10:8-10 that baptism gives us access to the atonement of Jesus Christ.
Well I didn´t have any crazy driving experiences this week.  I could also literally feel my blood pressure lowering haha.  But it was kind of weird because Elder Jimenez, my trainer, finished his mission this week.  His flight left a day later than the others, so he had to spend his last night with us!  Haha we went out and worked on our area.  So I guess he was with me on my first day and I was with him on his last day.  We laughed the whole night about the good times we had.
 Hey, by the way, thanks so much for the letters I´m getting.  If you´d like to win $1,000,000 without doing anything hard, go to www.dearelder.com and write me a letter.  I´m serious, I hear they are giving away a lot of money, just by writing to me.  Haha, man my jokes really are getting bad.
Well, I´m excited to find some families this week and to baptize Lidia.  I´ll keep ya updated.

Elder J. Hales

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