12 April 2010

Letter Dated April 3, 2010


Well, this week was probably the most American week of my mission. Last Saturday we got an invitation from President Argyle that blew me away. He invited us to his son´s, Austin, basketball game (#4 in the picture). He goes to an international school and they were having an international tournament against a bunch of South American teams. He was playing against Uruguay. So, we went to the game with the Kroffs. When we got there, Sister Argyle told us that it was mandatory to yell and scream....??....I was like what the heck, am I hearing this? In the International schools everybody speaks English so I literally watched an American high school basketball game, yelled American chants (mixed with the Argentine soccer chant) (well, I yelled, but it wasn't close to the BYU basketball games) and heard English everywhere. In fact, the announcer had the deepest southern accent I´ve ever heard (and the first southern accent I´ve heard in Argentina!). They also had one of those mascots who does tricks on the trampoline and dunks it haha!! To top it off, the Kroffs treated us to Burger King, where I ate a quadruple decker American burger. Haha it was insane but pretty cool. Also, the view from the gym of the school (which is the nicest school I´ve ever seen in my life) looks out over the bay and you can see the capital buildings in the distance.
This week we had to distribute new cell phones to the whole mission. We split up into two cars. I got assigned to the north part of the mission, way out in the country. More country even than Gray´s creek. I´m serious. Elder Coria and I switched off driving for a total of 14 hours in 2 days! We went all over the place. Even though our mission covers downtown Buenos Aires, there are some redneck country parts. The farthest we went was to Baradero, which is like an hour outside of the city. Anyway, I saw a lot of the mission that I´ve never seen before, which was cool.
Guillermo, our golden investigator, had some doubts this week. We´re praying that in Gen Conference he can get some answers. I´ll let you know how that goes. We are also gonna try something. We are going to assign a member family to every investigator family that we have. Their job will be to go with us to the appointments, call them, help them, sit with them in church, and then eventually baptized them. We feel like this will be better than just inviting whichever member to come with us every time.
Honestly, I´m learning so much here. In the offices, I´m seriously learning how to run a business haha. President is always teaching me business principles mixed with gospel principles (he owned like 2 huge business back in the states) and I´m being forced to make big decisions. I¨m also learning so much about Jesus Christ, his teachings, and his Atonement. Every day is priceless.
Well, I love you guys.

Elder Hales

P.S. The Wilder family officially receives a gold medal for sending me a package!

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