13 March 2010

Feeling a bit BARFY

Whaaaaats up!?
How´s it going? I was supposed to give a "discreet" shoutout to someone so I´ll do it in spanish (they´ll understand it): !Que te pasa mi amiga de la universidad que tiene muchas flores en su apellido! Espero que te vaya bien.
So this week I discovered something that has changed my life, probably forever. Definitely one of the impacting moments of my mission. I found the most delicious frozen hamburger patty ever invented. Its called Barfy. No lie. Look at the picture. Its way good for a frozen patty. It doesn´t touch Melvins or In-N- Out, but its gettin up there. Today before I wrote you we cleaned the baptismal font (which was great until the pump broke. then we had to use buckets) with the ward mission leader Marquito and then ate some barfy patties. Tonight we have the baptism of Mercedes. Mercedes is an older woman who honestly I feel really bad for. Her family doesn´t help her very much and she´s pretty hurt from the lack of love. When Elder Coria first started teaching her, she was super bitter and always got in a huff and puff when we asked her questions, etc. Now, she´s read half of the book of mormon and its really changed her. On sunday we had a farewell fireside for the missionaries in our mission who were leaving and President Argyle spoke to a chapel full of investigators and members. After he spoke, she BEGGED us to be baptized haha. So we helped her get ready this week. Elder Kroff is gonna baptize her (she adores him. She´s calls him her "divine angel" HAHA). Her grandaughter Tamara also wants to get baptized, but her mom won´t let her. Her mom was really the problem for both Mercedes and Tamara! We´ll just have to take her out. Ha just playin.
Oh, also, this week we had a super spiritual lesson with an investigator named Lalo in a park by his house. At first it was really noisy with cars driving by and annoying kids from the villa running around. Then, we shared a scripture with him that really impacted him, and a calm hit us all like a rock. He ended up praying and during the prayer I almost wanted to open my eyes because it felt like God was right in front of Lalo, it was that sincere. Way cool.
So this week was transfers and in the office it was SUPER busy. I went over to the mission home to meet the new missionaries and they were literally zombies. I talked to them for a little bit in easy spanish and made a joke. Nobody even flinched. They just stared back at me and I heard crickets in the background haha. Anyway, I was prob that tired too so I can´t blame em. But another Elder Hales came to the mission. He´s from Las Vegas. He was too tired to think if we had any relatives, but we´re prob related somehow. Oh, ok, so I also just found out that two other elders in my mission lived in May Hall with me at BYU. I lived on the 3rd floor, Elder Allred on the 2nd floor, and Elder Davis on the 1st. In fact, Elder Allred (who just got back from the south) told me he opened his call the same day as me! I remember somebody telling me that I was going to their same mission when I opened my call, but then I never saw him again, until yesterday haha! Thats crazy that we lived together for a year, were never friends, but are now all on the same mission. Elder Davis is one of the two other elders who is serving the Virreyes branch with me (there are two areas in one branch).
Well, I´m getting ready for Holy week here, I hear its pretty crazy. I´ll for sure have some good stories to tell. I love you guys. You are all way cool for writing me and supporting me. The mission is seriously the coolest experience. I recommend it.

Elder J. Hales

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