27 February 2010

Melissa's baptism

Eh ¡como andás vos?

Whats up!
So last week we had Melissa´s baptism, it was great. She had a lot of support and she chose me to baptize her! I´m lucking out lately. Anyway, it was great, she is super smart and honestly understands better than a lot of other people I've taught. She was also confirmed on Sunday. This week was pretty crazy. Last week another elder came to the offices to help us out, we´ve been really busy. His name is Elder Peterson. So we´re now a trio otra vez and its been a little tough.
We´ve been working super hard to baptize every week and this week we still haven´t found the baptism. But we were super diligent this week, so I'm worn out. But its great, I´m learning a ton. I also just played some authentic "futbol" with some Argentine chicos and I got torn up haha. There were like 8 year olds breakin my ankles every game. Anyway, it was fun.
Hey, so something pretty cool. This week I was eating with a family and they kept telling me about a missionary who was in this area like a couple of years ago. They showed me a picture and it was Austin Collie! Haha if you don´t know who that is, he was a wide receiver for football for BYU and I think his team just played in the superbowl. Anyway, he served in Virreyes. Whats up with that?
So this week we had a mini zone conference with President Argyle. We did a practice where we had to go out in the street and bring somebody inside within five minutes to do a practice. I was one of the missionaries who ran outside, but we couldn´t find anybody! Anyway, I guess in other zones president used people from the street to do a practice, commited them to be baptized, and they became new investigators from a practice! Haha the Lord is always preparing people everywhere. This happened all over the mission. Pretty cool huh?
Ok so you should check out 2 Nephi 9 this week if you´ve never read it. I was reading it today and it was way good. Look for Christ like attributes and what Christ expects us to do.
Anyway, I´m loving Argentina. Its the coolest place.
Well, talk to ya later.

P.S. Send me letters. Only those who send me letters get something cool from argentina.

Also....THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE GRANDMA!! I LOVE IT! And everyone else in the office as well.

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