19 December 2009

Justin's Letter Dated 12-15-09

Hey guys!

So today was transfers, but I never got a phone call! So I´ll be staying here in
Parque Chacabuco for at least 3 more months. My companion finishes this transfer,
so I have to stay a transfer after that as well to help the other missionary who will
come. Haha no place like home, eh?

Well, Judith was confirmed in church this week. It was great. And Christmas is
coming! Nice! I´m pretty excited even though I won´t be with the fam. I have an
wrapped present from the Hansen family that im gonna open on Christmas Day haha.
And we have a little tree with lights and a nativity scene in our apartment. The
missionaries in my apartment, we're all kinda lame cooks, but we´ll whip something
up for Christmas Day for sure. Plus, I´m gonna eat Chinese food on Christmas Eve.
The stake president invited us to his house and his wife is Chinese.

So how are you guys doing? Have any questions about Argentina? haha my Spanish
is becoming so natural that when I talk to an older missionary couple in the offices
on the phone in English, I feel like Forrest Gump.

Please pray for our investigators. Familia Chavez, Kevin & Juan, Familia Camacho,
Jason, Doris, the father of Kevin & Juan, Joselyn. A lot of gringo names huh? haha
I just realized that.

Well, I love you guys and thanks for your support. Let me know how your doing.

Sigan fuertes,

Elder J-dizz

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