25 November 2009

November 18, 2009

Well, since Justin sent a very short letter again, I'll include some excerpts from his letter to the family......you'll have to excuse his bad English. I hope it means his Spanish is getting good!

Hey guys,
I don´t have much time...again! Sorry.
Erika, here are some facts for your class. There are hardly no stop signs in Argentina. The cars just honk when they come to an intersection and flash their lights if there is anyone in the way!
There are these weird trees, I think called paradise trees, that have spikes all over them. The fruit, which looks like hard pears, blossoms into giant cottonballs. Its the weirdiest thing ever!
Instead of ringing a doorbell, you clap at someone´s gate to ask them to come to the door.
Hey, I've grown, at least everybody tells me, an inch or more. Nice!
I bought a machine to cut hair, and it works great. Happy birthday to me!
Man, it kills me not to be able to talk to you guys more, but I have to run.
Smores materials would make a nice package.
Just pray for me please. I love you guys, and hopefully your tongues don´t stay blue forever.

Hey guys, sorry my letters have been a little short lately. Its been a little tough lately, but Í´m hangin in there. This week I found out that the people have a nickname for north americans...yankee! Haha its funny to hear em say it to. I keep telling them I´m from the south, but nobody cares haha. Also, we had stake conference this weekend in the biggest chapel I´ve ever seen. It´s like three regular chaples stacked on top of each other, (it has three levels) and its the biggest chapel in argentina. Its in the ward La Boca if you can look it up or something. Anyway, I´m going to hear from Elder Bednar tomorrow in a conference with the three Buenos Aires missions...500 missionaries...I´ll tell ya how it goes. I´m super stoked! Talk to ya lata,
Elder Hales

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