07 October 2009

General Conference and Personal Revelation


So the highlight of this week was the church´s General Conference, where we get to listen to the prophet and apostles speak via satellite. Two other missionaries and I got to watch in English in a room in the church, and it was freakin AWESOME! If you didn´t watch it, go to lds.org and watch all 10 hours straight right now. Haha just playin. But seriously, it was freakin sweet. I learned a lot, had questions answered, and felt the spirit a ton. It was probably the best conference I´ve ever seen. My favorite was Elder Holland. Man, what a boss. If I could testify like him to every person I talked to, my white pants would never be dry. But anyway, I had a funny thing happen to me this week. I had a street contact in English! We were walking down the street and somebody yelled out, ´Hey are you from America? So we talked to him. His English was really good, he learned from a past girlfriend or something. Yeah, kinda weird. But the funny thing was, I couldn´t just speak to him only in English. I kept throwing in Spanish words and couldn´t remember anything. I guess right now I don´t know either Spanish or English, only a mix between the two! Haha.
I´ve also been asking God lately what he specifically wants me to do, and the heavens have seriously opened. Through conference, the spirit, the scriptures, etc. I´m getting personal revelation. If you´ve never tried it, pray to God, open your heart, really open it, and then ask him the question. 10 bucks you get an answer.

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