04 October 2009

Doubled The Baptisms!

Note from Justin's mom - The funniest thing about getting Justin's letters lately is that he is starting to NOT be able to speak English! We have to change little things here and there so it sounds right. Just an example is that he said "my companion has 16 months in the mission".
I guess this is a good thing - right?

Whats up homies,

DOBLE! We did it! We accomplished the double, with 3 to spare! Man, this seriously was way cool to be a part of the faith and fire in this mission. And now we are starting the second double of the first double, if that makes sense haha. In our area, we are pretty dried up. We have one investigator who thinks he needs more time to be baptized, and not much other than that. But we´re hangin in there, working hard, eating empanadas and facturas. Haha life would be really easy here if we weren´t in charge of the eternal salvation of this people! Haha just kidding but yeah we´re prayin hard to find new investigators. You can pray for us too if you feel so inclined.

But I decided to tell you guys a little bit more about Argentina. So I don´t know if I told you, there are wild parakeets here. I know its S. America, but it´s weird seeing tropical birds flying around in the city. The people are very European and the people from Buenos Aires (Porteños) are very proud of their country. I love the Argentine accent and I´m trying to pick it up. I eat a lot of Peruvian and Bolivian food, which is pretty much rice, chicken, and potatoes, with a different kind of sauce every time haha. I hear Latin music, modern American music, and most commonly, American classic rock! Haha we were in the villa and I heard Eye of The Tiger playing and I was blown away. Needless to say, I was pumped up for the rest of the day! Everybody has a nike sticker on their car and everybody wears adidas clothes. Anyway, I have to go. My companion is hungry. But I´ll tell ya more about Argentina later.


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