28 October 2009

Another good week - the time is flying by!

¿! Como andan?!

How´s everything going? Well, I had another great week. The weather here has been amazing, a little warm, but perfect in the nights. On Monday and Tuesday I went on divisions with some missionaries who live in the area of Congreso, which is the area where all the famous buildings are. It was way cool, all day I was doing missionary work next to the Casa Rosada (Argentina´s white house, except its pink), the Congress building, huge catholic churches, the widest street in the world, the obelisko, and everything else in that area. There were a ton of people on the streets (haha too many to talk to) and a ton of cars. I almost died several times. The whole day I was thinking that if the Presidenta of Argentina were to take the missionary lessons, we would be the ones to teach her! Haha but yeah, it was way fun.
We are teaching several families in the villa and we have 3 baptisms this weekend, Wendy, and her two kids, Belén and Juan. They are from Bolivia and live in a tiny room in the villa (like the size of my kitchen at home). They are super humble, super teachable, and super ready to get baptized! We found Wendy because one day we were walking in the villa and we heard, ´hola elders´. We stopped, talked to Wendy, and asked her if she was a member. She told us no, but that she had taken the discussions in Bolivia and never got baptized. So we invited her to a mother´s day party at the church (and she came), started teaching her and her family, and they are going to get baptized this Sunday. Really, they are way way awesome. I want to give them money or something because they are so poor, but I can´t. I´m for sure going to come back after my mission or something. Anyway, I'll let you know how that goes. Also, my companion had some converts who were sealed in the temple today and we got to go and participate. If you don’t know this already, families can be together forever, not just in this life. Its one of the amazing blessings of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and it happens in temples. The feelings I had when I was able to witness this extremely happy family be sealed together for eternity were unbelievable. I'll admit (only because I'm on my mission and its not girly to be sensitive on a mission. Haha jk) that I cried. It was so awesome. It made me want to baptize every family I see so that they could have that blessing. Really, if you are reading this, your family can be sealed together forever, even after death. Just talk to your friendly mormon neighbor to find out how.
But yeah, anyway, that’s whats up in B.A. Argentina. I guess my neighbor Pru Williams is chillin in B.A. this week too, so yeah, it’s a popular place to be. But keep it real and watch all the good new movies for me. And write me! Fo sho. Alright, well I´ll talk to you guys in a week I guess. Feel free to pray for my investigators and me, it really does make a difference.
Love ya guys, thanks for your support.

LOVE, Elder Alex, Hall-ace, o Hales (haha they can´t say my name here)

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