06 August 2009

Flight Plans!

I got my Flight Plans!!!! I'm so stoked! I have to meet my travel group at the front of the MTC at 5:00 am on mon, August 10. I fly from SLC to Los Angeles. My flight leaves SLC at 8:30 am. Then I have a 4 hour lay over in LAX (zzzzz) and fly from there 7-8 hours to Lima, Peru!! That's gonna be crazy. I arrive in Peru around midnight local time. Then I catch a flight 1.5 hours later to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This flight is 5-6 hours. I'll get to BA at 7:40 am on Aug 11. It's pretty brutal! But I can't wait! First of all, I'll be able to catch up on sleep. I'll also be with a bunch of other missionaries and we'll be able to practice spanish, lessons, etc. This is the first time I've left the U.S.A. (except for Canada), so I'm sure the time will fly by!

Well, this week has been great! 3 of the Elders in my district got delayed because of visa problems. They're going to Argentina as well. I'm super blessed to be able to go without a visa!This week was awesome! We've pretty much been taught everything we need to know, and one of our teachers already left to get married! Haha so this week is pretty much going to be spanish and packing. I've loved it here for sure! There are way cool people and a ton of my friends from BYU are here.

This week I've really tried to be more obedient. It's funny, there are some crazy rules here at the MTC. But I know that when I follow them exactly, I'll have the spirit more. I've definitely noticed an increase in the spirit as I've been more obedient. I've also studied christ-like attributes a lot this week. I've realized that some rules don't make sense and will never make sense. In fact, some rules are made up only to test our faith and obedience. Getting up at 6:35 won't change how tired I am at all. But when I get up at 6:30, it shows the Lord I'm willing to sacrifice to be obedient. We had a fireside this week that went along with that. When we sacrifice, "the Lord is bound." Obedience is the key. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of that in the field!

Well, this is the last email I'll write from the MTC. It may be a little more than a week until you hear from me, but I'll email as soon as possible! Thanks so much for your prayers and letters and packages and coolness.

Talk to ya in Argentina!

Elder Hales

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