21 July 2009

Large Lymph Nodes, Lacking Letters, and Longing to Leave (the MTC)


Well this week was pretty solid. I got to see my way good friend/cousin William Draper before he left. He's going to Las Vegas, spanish speakin, and he left today. Last night I went to his room and we hung out a little bit while he was packing. It was way good to catch up and talk.

The past two weeks I've had an infected lymph node in my armipt. I know, its like the most random illness that could ever happen to me! But I went to a surgeon today and we have plans for taking it out next tuesday. I guess its better than having medical work done in Argentina! My teacher served in Argentina and has some horror stories of the health care system down there. She got food poisining once and went to the hospital. This doctor told her that he had to remove her appendix. She was like 10 minutes away from the surgery when her mission president called her and told her to cancel the surgery. I guess he found out that this doctor had been taking missionary's appendices for any symptom and was making bank off of them! So yeah, its kinda sketchy sometimes. So anyway, I guess prayers would be nice, mostly so that I'll be able to recover quickly and get out to the field.

I've been re-reading the new testament and I'm finding all kinds of cool stuff in it. I haven't read it since my freshman year in high school, and its way good! For some reason, Jesus and the things he did seem more real this time. I can better envision all the miracles happening and I feel like I will see those same miracles on my mission. I wish I had time to tell you everything I've learned, maybe next letter. (p.s. what do you want me to talk about in these emails? I kind of just roll with the flow but if you want to hear about something specific, just dearelder me. Yeah.)

By the way, if you have anybody that might want to hear about the gospel or get a free dvd, just let me know and I can personally call them. I promise I'll be nice :) Man, 3 more weeks! The MTC is cool and all, but I'm ready to get down to business! Its a freakin killer waiting to leave. I hate to think what the last week here is like. OK good news. I guess I don't have to get a visa! I've heard through the grapevine that Argentina is starting to change their visa policy and they are implementing the change first in Buenos Aires. So if this lymph node jazz works out good, I should have nothing in my way! Its crazy because some elders don't find out if they have their visas until like the day before they leave! They have flight plans and everything and they don't even know if they are allowed into the country!

(feel free to copy and paste the next part in freetranslation.com if you are a gringo)

Pues, estoy muy agradecido por todos! Adios!

Elder Hales

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