29 July 2009

I'm Alive!


Well, as you probably figured out, I SURVIVED! Haha I guess I wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't. Although I did see my life flash before my eyes as the surgeons used the defribilator..........SIKE! Haha the surgery went very well! The doctors at the hospital and at the MTC were all way helpful and they took good care of me. And my comps really really helped me out too. Everyone that helped me was pretty much awesome. So, here's what went down. They did all kinds of blood tests and weird questions (they seriously asked me what I wanted to happen if I died.) What a question to ask before I'm about to go into "minor" surgery! Then I changed into my hospital gown, which was drafty to say the least. Then I hung out and met with the surgeon and anasthesiologist (who did absolutely nothing the whole time and was making $$$$$$). Finally the nurse told me that she was giving me an antibiotic through the IV. Ha that was a lie. I barely had time to notice that they were wheeling me into the OR and see a big light above my head before I was snoozin away. So then I found myself in and out of consciousness with my comps, Elder Hatton and Elder Diaz (Elder Hatton was only a temporary companion for the little vacation we went on. Since we got to leave the MTC, we called it our summer vacation.) I guess I was HIGH AS A KITE!!! I was cussing out my companions, singing at the top of my lungs, and acting ridiculous. The funny thing is I remember some of that, but I thought it was normal to do at the time! Haha anyway, eventually that wore off and I came back to the MTC, where I slept in the little medical clinic they have here for like 3 hours. And now I'm emailing this letter to you guys. Isn't that great? Yep. And I have like zero pain. It's kinda weird. I'm thinking I might still be numb...maybe??? I dunno, but I have some percocet just in case. Thanks everyone for your letters, prayers, etc!! I was way too peaceful and calm before the surgery and I know its because the Lord was answering all of your prayers. I also had 2 priesthood blessings prior. I'd call it a miracle. Good, good stuff right there folks!

I gave up a lot of English comforts this week, including praying, reading my scriptures and (trying) speaking in English. I think that as I show the Lord I'm willing to sacrifice to learn spanish, I will improve a lot more. In the RC we are making calls only in spanish, and we are having a ton of success! One day this past week we sent missionaries to 25 homes across the country, ALL IN SPANISH! The blessings our district had after doing that is only a taste of what's going to come once we get to the field. Which, speaking of that, I found out I don't need a visa! In case you don't know, this is a huge blessing because visas keep a lot of missionaries from leaving to their missions on time. Everyone else in my district who is going to Argentina needs one, but Buenos Aires is the only place in Argentina where visas aren't needed. And, I guess there is an outbreak of the swine flu in the office in Argentina where they process visas, so they shut the whole builidng down! Bad news for my district. Hopefully they won't be delayed.

As a last little thought, I had some revelation last night as I was watching the restoration movie. I was thinking about Joseph Smith and how young he was when he had the first vision. I realized that the Lord told me from an early age that I was meant to do something great too. I was meant to go on a mission! Through my parents, priesthood leaders, family, friends, patriarchal blessing, and spiritual experiences, the Lord showed me what I was supposed to do. I was meant to be here. It is an eternal work that I'm doing for the Lord. I'm sure I can't see the results of it right now, and maybe not even in this life, but it has to be important because the Lord has drilled it into my heart and mind since I was little. Thanks to all you who helped me go on a mission and I would encourage you to help others do the same.

Well, you are all awesome. I'm ready to get outa here!
Nos Vemos!
Elder Hales

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