29 July 2009

Here's a letter that Lauren wrote to Justin. Hilarious!

Dear Justin,
I'm so sorry I have not wrote to you in a long time. I miss you so much. Nathan really needs to cut his toe nails because he scraped me with one! It hurt my toe. But Mommy put a band aid on it and it feels better. I went to Aunt Joans pool with Emma and Dorey. It was fun then we ate pizza at Sams Club. Plus ice cream too. I hope you don't mind that we sometimes make cards in your room. And other stuff to. I like to be in your room. And it makes me feel good because it feels like you are hugging me. I wish you were here to help with all the chores. Nathan is making dinner all the time. It's ok. I'm learning the 5th article of faith. I'll tell you when I'm done with it. See ya later alligator! Love, Lauren

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