23 June 2009

Letter on June 23, 2009

Hola amigos,
Well, I'm at two weeks. And I think I've set a record for the most companions in two weeks! My first companion went home (because his dad has cancer, it was super sad). So, I joined two other elders to make a trio. Then, my branch president said he wanted me to switch rooms, so I got two new companions. THEN, an elder in my district got the Swine '09, so I got his old companion. Well, after five days of isolation, Mr. Swine is back and he's joined our companionship. Which means I've had a grand total of.....(drum roll)....7 companions! Haha I've been companions with every elder in my district.That's awesome that Nathan, Erika, and Lauren are having a good time at their camps! I'm having just as much fun spending 12 hours a day in a classroom! Chistoso (just kidding in espanol). Anwyay, I've had some requests to know what I do every sunday. So I will tell you. I get up at 6:30 am and have an hour of personal study in the classroom. Then we go to sacrament meeting with our zone. Its crazy because every missionary has to have a 3-5 minute talk prepared (en espanol, por supuesto). We are all given the same topic, but nobody knows if they are going to be the one speaking until the Branch prez calls their name! It's like the most exciting 10 seconds of my week. Then we go back to the classroom for interviews/comp study time. Then we go back for priesthood meeting for an hour. After that, we have study time until dinner, but we are allowed to take a trip up to the temple to take pictures outside and stuff. It's pretty nice to get off the MTC campus. Later that night, we all pack into the gym for a fireside from an MTC leader.Then, we have movie night! So far I have watched the new Joseph Smith movie and the Testaments. The main characters of the Testaments kiss twice during the movie and when they did, all the missionaries started whistling haha. It's like the closest we get to PG action haha. After the movie, we all go to bed. So, I hope you have enjoyed an exciting day in the life of a missionary! Haha I know I make it sound super boring, but its actually not that bad here. If you have the right mindset and focus, its actually really cool to be here.Ok so apparently this week there is going to be a giant gathering of General Authorites at the MTC. It is a new mission president's training seminar and (I only have 5 minutes on my timer I have to type fast) I guess all the big wigs are gonna be here. There is a rumor that President Monson is going to be speaking this week at the devo. And I guess in the past, Apostles have just walked around and sat in classrooms. Wild! Hopefully I'll get to meet some of them. That would be tight. Well I'm swine-free and feeling a lot better! Muchas gracias por todas las cartas! Well, I gotta roll. I hope everything is good in that outside world! Do you guys really drive cars and watch movies? I've heard rumors that you do, but my memory is gone. haha just playin I'll talk to ya guys later!

Elder Justin Hales

"I want da gold. Give me da gold."

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