27 July 2011


To all my blog readers!

Hmm. That intro made me wonder if there are any blog readers besides my mom? Haha oh well, I have always liked talking to myself.

So this week was really awesome. Tuesday we spoke solomente en espanol. It was hard!! But oh wow it helped. My Spanish is getting way better! (not like it was any good to start out with) haha. Also, we finally have three consistent teachers. They are all awesome and I am learning so much from all of them. They all have some pretty awesome stories too! I think next week we are going to try two days only Spanish. This place is seriously amazing. I feel so good everyday because I am doing the Lord's work. Awesome!! Well, I think that these updates are going to be a whole lot more interesting once I actually get out of Provo, but thanks for reading them now! I'll make sure to tell you some awesome stories in the future okay? Sweet.

Elder Hales

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