03 March 2011

Heeeey what`s up friends?!  I survived!  Man, so in case you didn`t hear, I almost died this week.  Haha just playin, it wasn`t that bad.  I had a bacterial infection in my intestines (yeah...I won`t describe what that was like), which lead into appendicitis.  So, last Monday I went to the doctor with a little pain and he sent me in for urgent surgery.  I guess if the appendix explodes, you can like die and stuff.  But, luckily mine didn`t.  The hospital I went to was one of the most advanced hospitals in Argentina, so they did the surgery "LAPROSCOPICALLY."  They made little cuts and used cameras and probes and stuff to take out my appendix.  All in all in was pretty laid back and I wasn`t nervous nor in pain like the entire time, including up to now.  The Lord works miracles.  Somebody had to be praying for me, because the whole experience was abnormally like peaceful.
Also, to top off the miracle, I was in the north and wasn`t in Rio Gallegos!  That would have been a little messy down there.  President Gulbrandsen told me that he had a small, subtle impression to bring me back up to the north 3 weeks ago, even though i had only been in the south one transfer.  Following that prompting probably saved me a few organs.  Who knows what the doctors down south would have taken out of me haha!  But, I`ve been spending this week recovering in the mission home, which has been really, really weird.  I`m here with another missionary who actually got sick the same time as me and had to rest in the mission home with me.  But, to be honest, I did a lot of thinking and studying and praying.  I was able to set some good goals and priorities for the last stretch of my mission, which I wouldn`t have otherwise been able to do if I was super busy working.  That was for sure a blessing. 
Elder Tapia has been with another missionary in La Boca, holding down the fort by himself.  But, the doctor told me that I`ve been recovering very well and that I`ll be able to do "half-work" this week.  That probably means I`ll be in the office for another week.  Somehow I always end up in this office. 
So, I know I haven`t sent many pictures lately.  Sorry bout that.  This week was kinda tough as far as pics go.  I could, however, send you a picture of my scars.  Actually, I`ll just send you a pic of something we did on Saturday.  We went with president and a few other missionaries on a sweet boat tour of the canals in Tigre.  I couldn`t believe that this thing was even in my mission, but it was way sweet.  It was like canals and rivers and there were docks with houses and people skiing and stuff like that.  I guess it`s like a famous thing in Buenos Aires.  In fact, when Elder Anderson from the 12 came, he took all the mission presidents on that same tour.  President liked it so much he wanted to take us.  I just happened to be hanging out in the mission home, so I got to go too.  It was pretty cool.
Well, I`m not exactly sure what`s going on in the Boca, but from what I`ve heard, Elder Tapia is doing some great work.  We should have a complete family getting baptized this week or the next.  And, there are several incomplete families we are working with.  I`m itching to get back out there! 
I feel more than any other time on my mission Christ`s love and my desire for other`s to feel that same love.  This gospel is true.  I know it.  I have to give everything I have so that people can feel the same love of God that I do.  I challenge you to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father to feel that love if you haven`t yet.  I promise you it will come.  Then, talk to the missionaries about how you can feel that love continually!  They`ll probably mention baptism!
I love you guys, thanks so much for your prayers!  I`m feeling great because of them.
Have a great week.
Elder Hales

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